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  • Dropbox and Mailbox Become One
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The Wall Street Journal reports today that Dropbox and email app Mailbox have become one. Dropbox has purchased Mailbox (and its development team), though the purchase sum has not yet been revealed. The two seem to be a perfect fit, since Dropbox and Mailbox both aim to simplify user's lives.

For now, the Mailbox app will remain a standalone app. Dropbox will be using the Mailbox technology to better its own service, and the two teams will work together on future projects. This is the first foray out of file sharing and cloud storage for Dropbox, but it does make a good deal of sense.

What Mailbox Does

An email inbox can be a chaotic place. Emails from friends, family members, work emails, and other emails can quickly cause a mess. The Mailbox app helps you to organize that mess. Unlike other email organization tools, Mailbox actually works. You can delay messages until a later time by hitting the "Snooze" button (messages will pop back into your inbox at the right time); quickly swipe to read or delete an email, and do all kinds of other things.

Mailbox really does make mail simpler, which is why so many people have started to use this service. The Mailbox app works with both iOS. Now that Dropbox has acquired Mailbox, you won't see a lot of changes right away. What you might see in the future are better ways to attach files to emails or to send collaborators directly to a Dropbox account. Dropbox hasn't said what it plans to do with Mailbox's technology yet, but it's bound to be something great.

For Android Too?

Dropbox might bring Mailbox to Android, that's one possibility. Since Dropbox has kept the Mailbox team and technology, new apps for various platforms are bound to arise. If only Dropbox could design something to take over the failing (and soon to die) Google Reader! Really, though, Dropbox is a great tool that's extremely useful when collaborating. Now, Dropbox includes Mailbox, and that can only mean better things to come.

In case you haven't used Dropbox before, this service is particularly useful when working on team projects. Instead of attaching large documents to emails, Dropbox simplifies the process by allowing all team members to edit, change, and comment on documents right from Dropbox's cloud. The whole process is simple and free, and that's a great thing.

For Now, We Wait

The acquisition of Mailbox by Dropbox has just happened, so it will likely be a few months before any real changes have been made. For now, Mailbox and Dropbox users will have to sit back and wait. Still, this is great next to kick off your St. Patrick's Day weekend. If you love Mailbox and Dropbox, the two will now work together in one glorious harmony.

Mailbox is available through the Apple Store, and it is free to download. Dropbox can be used by all, and can be found on the Dropbox website (free as well). Soon, your email will be a whole new place!