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  • Dropbox Updates Android App, Becomes More Cloud-Like
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Dropbox is used by millions of people all around the world daily. This service is both convenient and trustworthy, which is why it’s such a popular tool to use. Recently Dropbox updated their Android app to include photo syncing – a feature that many users have been waiting for. Much like iCloud (and other cloud services), any photos snapped on an Android phone will be automatically sent to a user’s Dropbox account (of course, you have to have both the Dropbox account and the Android app to take advantage of this).

Not Like iCloud…?

It’s impossible to ignore the fact that the new Dropbox feature isn’t exactly like iCloud. However, Dropbox developers told press that many Dropbox users don’t have Macs and don’t use iCloud. Alright, so what about Google+? Google has offered users the same app service for some time now. Wait, Google Plus? Are people still using that service? As you might have read, heard, or guessed, even though Google claims that many people are signed up for Plus, few accounts on the social site are actually active, and, again, users have to install the Google Plus app in order to use the service.

Alright, so the new Dropbox feature certainly has its perks. However, you can’t edit photos using this service, but that’s a minor detail (you can edit all you want using your phone and various photo editing apps, after all). The other major problem with the newly updated Dropbox app is that it’s not available for iOS – yet. In an interesting twist, Dropbox has decided to update the Android app prior to updating the iOS version, but rumor has it that the iOS app will, in fact, be updated soon enough. Then again, iCloud does exist, so you might want to give that a try first.

Definitely Worth A Try

If you use Dropbox at all in your daily life (and you should), why not give the new Dropbox app for Android a try? All of those photos you snap will be sent to your Dropbox account (filed under a unique photo folder), and you won’t have to worry about losing anything that you take a photo of. While Dropbox has come to the photo syncing party a bit later than Google or Apple, there’s no doubt that this app addition will be very popular with Dropbox users of all stripes.

Dropbox developers have told press that the company plans to continue perfecting the Dropbox app, so you can expect some new developments to unfold (photo editing, perhaps?) within the next few months. If you happen to notice any glitches or problems with the newly updated Android app do let Dropbox know about these issues – this is the way that programs become even better than they already are! If you have an Android phone, have downloaded the Dropbox app (or want to download it), and are looking forward to saving every photo that you snap, you’ll be very happy with this app update. If you haven’t updated the app yet, do it! You’ll be more than satisfied with the improvements that Dropbox has made.