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  • Dropbox Pro Users: This Is For You
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Dropbox has become the gold standard in storage. But, there’s one thing that all Dropbox users tend to gripe about: the cost of the Pro service versus the actually storage space allowed. If you’re going to shell out $99 - $199 per year for a service like Dropbox, you should have more than 50GB or 100GB of storage, right? Well, Dropbox is one of those rare companies that actually listen to its users. Instead of ignoring user complaints, Dropbox has decided to up the storage capacity. Might this mean that the price of the Pro plan will also increase? Thankfully, the answer to that question is a resounding: “No!”

Why is Dropbox listening to consumer complains and making their service better? Sure, Dropbox wants you to use the popular storage option, but there’s another reason at play here too. Dropbox feels Google’s threat, and Google isn’t the only company out there looking to grab a piece of that storage pie. The fact of the matter is that Google is just the newest newcomer to the storage game. How do Dropbox and Google stack up when compared? Check out the basic review at the end of this article for some additional details.

The Storage Competition Heats Up

Most computer users today know that storage is the only way to prevent the loss of important files. Whether you opt for an external drive, USB, cloud, or some other form of storage, keeping files away from harm is simply a matter of choosing the right method. Dropbox has cornered this market for a long time now, proving that the service provided by Dropbox is the right method. Not only is Dropbox easy to use, it’s also extremely versatile. But, Dropbox can’t remain on the top of the storage food chain for long.

Google (you know, the company that used to be focused solely on search engine perfection?) has recently created Google Drive. Google Drive is a well thought out Dropbox competitor. Not only is Drive based on relatively the same model as Dropbox, but Drive comes with something that Dropbox didn’t have until now: a reasonable storage to price ratio. Google Drive offers 100 GB for $4.99 per month or 1TB for just $49.99 per month – Drive users who pay for the expanded storage will also receive additional Gmail space. Dropbox, in comparison, offers 100 GB for $99 per year (100GB is the largest available size). Clearly, Google’s Drive wins this fight.

Comparing Drive to Dropbox

Can you base your storage needs on pricing alone? This is the question that has to be asked when it comes to spending money on storage. Google Drive features editing, sharing, and synching capabilities. If you currently use Google Docs, you will want to opt for Google Drive based solely on the fact that it’s more like a full suite as compared to Dropbox. On the other hand, Dropbox is the reigning champ as far as synching across a number of platforms goes.

Now with Dropbox’s new pricing, Pro users might not be lured away to join Google’s clutches. Then again, it’s hard to ignore the fact that Google Drive does offer a larger storage option than Dropbox.