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  • Dropcam: Spy Simply

There’s no shortage of home surveillance cameras on the market. People, it seems, these days are preoccupied with knowing what’s happening at home while they are away. These surveillance cameras make it easy to spy on a nanny, keep track of pets, or just watch the inside of your home while you are away. Even though home surveillance technology has come a long way over the past few years, few systems are as simple to use as the Dropcam system.

In addition to being one of the easiest home surveillance cameras to set up, Dropcam is also reasonably priced. At the time of this writing, you can purchase a Dropcam system for around $199 – a very low price to pay for a very decent surveillance camera. If you’re in the home surveillance market, Dropcam is one device that you should keep in mind.

How It Works

You can use Dropcam to keep tabs on your home from far away. How far away? It is possible to view rooms inside of your house while you are on vacation, at work, or in another country. How? Dropcam allows you to monitor your home from any computer or from your smartphone. Talk about portability, right?

Dropcam can be set up via WI-Fi or through a wired Ethernet cable. Once that’s done, all you have to do is enter some basic information into the Dropcam online form (including the device serial number), and set up the Dropcam camera according to your preferences. After that, you will be ready to record any room in your home. The entire set-up process only takes a few moments to complete, and it’s as simple as following easy to understand instructions.

Various Cameras

It is possible to set up as many Dropcam cameras as you want. You can place one in every room inside of your house if you so desire. By assigning each Dropcam a specific name, you can see which camera view you are looking at. Another great Dropcam feature is the ability to pan any camera remotely. If you want to see what that black shape is in the far corner of a room, all you have to do is command the right camera.

This camera is perfect if you have a home with many rooms. At $199 a piece, it is feasible to purchase a few of these cameras. There are better, more expensive, cameras on the market, but Dropcam does the job very well. In addition to a number of features, Dropcam offers great voice and picture quality.

Picture Quality

When viewing a Dropcam image in its native form, the images that you will see are very sharp and clear. You will note some minor pixilation when attempting to blow up an image, but this is to be expected. Overall, the sound quality is also top-notch. It’s amazing that a camera of this price can produce such great picture and sound. If you are considering a home surveillance system, Dropcam is the next best thing to installing a high-tech, very expensive, system.