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  • Duolingo Lets You Take English Language Tests At Home
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Most people never think about taking an English language or other language proficiency test, but there are 30 million people that do - according to a company called Duolingo.

The company has created the first English proficiency app, and it’s recognized by schools and employers from all around the world. If you have a language test in your future, here’s what you need to know about Duolingo.

Simple and Cheap

The first thing worth pointing out is that Duolingo is a lot less expensive than most standardized language proficiency tests. Most language tests cost lots of money, and require that test takers travel to remote testing facilities, which costs more money. In contrast, Duolingo’s human graded tests cost only $20. Plus, you can take the test from your iOS devices, so there’s no need to travel to any new place or strange and distant land.

The second thing worthy of note is that Duolingo has managed to get a whole bunch of employers and schools on board with the company’s tests, and these tests are recognized by many different employers and schools. Even if you come across a place where Duolingo isn’t recognized, it’s really easy to convince someone of the efficiency of this test - after all, it’s graded by humans, cost-effective, and provides the same testing results.

Security Matters

Since security is a big issue when it comes to any kind of test (and it’s why most people have to travel to testing centers that are supposedly more secure than other options), Duolingo’s app provides government-level security identification measures. In other words, it’s really hard to cheat on these tests, and test results are stored and sent securely as well.

What about proctors? Don’t tests need proctors? The really neat thing about Duolingo is that a remote proctor can monitor the test - yes, a human proctor. All tests are monitored by a selected proctor, and tests can be customized according to employer or school needs. Duolingo uses device microphones and cameras to make sure that test takers aren’t cheating, too, so there’s no need to worry about any kind of fraud.

A Better Way to Test

Right now, Duolingo is free to use, since the company is just launching. But, the tests through Duolingo will eventually cost $20. This cost is low, and it’s really the best way to take a test - wouldn’t you rather take a test at home than have to bother with traveling to a test center? That’s the thought process behind Duolingo, and it’s the reason why those 30 million people that do have to take a language test will really like what this company has to offer.

You can find Duolingo in the App Store right now for free, but keep in mind that the price will change in the near future. Duolingo works with any iOS device, so check it out from your tablet, phone, or Mac. The test taking space isn’t one that’s cornered by many startups, so Duolingo should do well with this new app.