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The holidays are fast approaching, and that means more bad food than you can shake a stick at. If you are determined not to gain a lot of weight this holiday season, you might want to consider eating as healthy as you possibly can. This means eating local food and visiting restaurants that sell healthy plates. There are two ways to go about finding this kind of food in your area.

The first way involves spending hours researching local restaurants online. The second way includes using the Eat Well Guide site. The Eat Well Guide works for people who reside in the United States and in Canada. What is it? This guide will tell you where to get healthy food and what restaurants you should eat at in order to eat well as often as possible. Here’s how the Eat Well Guide works.

Using the Guide

First things first, you will find the Eat Well Guide at www.eatwellguide.org. Once you have landed on the site page, you will be asked to input some information. You can search by inserting keywords, your current location, your zip code, or by entering trip information (in case you plan on traveling to a certain destination and want to eat healthy along the way).

For the sake of a review, I typed in the city “Montreal.” After hitting the “find” button, my search returned 29 different results. These results ranged from bakeries to farmers within 20 kilometers of Montreal. After clicking on each category, I was presented with location information. Even though the site works well, I was somewhat disappointed with the search results.

Site Findings Needs Work

As someone who attempts to eat healthy, I’m aware that Montreal has lots of farmer’s markets, bakeries, and other healthy locations. Yet, the site only pulled up a few of these locations that I could check out. Most of the time, one location was presented, though many other locations could be added to the site.

Results are certain to fluctuate depending on where you live, so you may find that you pull up more results than I did. When re-testing the site using the keyword “Portsmouth, NH” I did come up with a few more options. Even though the site is somewhat lacking, the interface is easy enough to use, and the site purpose is a good one.

Free and Useful

You may find that the Eat Well Guide works best during the summer months (if you live in a cold climate), since this is when produce is in full force. If you happen to live in a warm and sunny climate, you are sure to come up with more search results. The Eat Well Guide is a great way to find out where to eat well in your neighborhood.

In summation, if you are looking for a quick way to find some healthy eats, this site is ideal. If you want to find healthy places off the beaten path, you might want to try your luck at a simple Google search.