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  • Same Day Ebay Shipping? Looks Like It’s In the Cards.
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First came Amazon, now comes Ebay with same day shipping. Rumors were flying about an upcoming Amazon same-day shipping policy, but Amazon’s CEO has since stated that the company can’t image how this type of shipping could be executed. Now, Ebay has announced that it will actually offer same-day shipping to residents of San Francisco (for now). This, as you might have guessed, will blow Amazon out of the water, somewhat. Ebay’s new same-day shipping offer also provokes the question: is same-day shipping the next retail step? It certainly looks like online retailers are headed in that direction.

How Same Day Shipping Will Work

As mentioned, Ebay’s new same day shipping will only apply to those living in San Francisco at the moment. Further, residents will only be able to have access to this shipping method if items come from local shops. So, you can’t live in San Francisco, order something from a New York Ebay shop and expect it the same day. You can, however, order that really cool pair of retro pants from the shop across town today and wear those pants tonight – it’s just one more way that retailers are catering to the need for instant gratification.

But, as with anything else instant, there’s a small price to pay for same day shipping. Ebay will charge and extra $5 to buyers who want same day service. Really, five dollars is not a bad price to pay for same day service. Ebay’s new service is called Ebay Now, and it’s available as an app for iOS (no word on Android yet). The app is completely free, so if you happen to be an Ebay addiction, go ahead and download it now. I will provide one word of caution, though: you may want to think before you buy.

A Great Move for Ebay

People hate waiting days and days to receive retail items. You know how the story goes. You order something you want right now, wait six to eight business days, and by the time that item arrives you may not love it anymore. At that point, you might decided that the item you wanted to buy isn’t worth the price, stuff it back in its free return envelope, and send it on its way. Well, this is exactly the kind of mentality that Ebay is fighting against. The massive auction site is hoping that you’ll impulsively buy something you may or may not need, get it the same day, and love it right away (even if it’s for an hour or so).

Any way you slice it, offering same day delivery is a great move for Ebay. The company now positions itself direction across from Amazon. If Ebay can find a way to offer same day shipping globally (something Amazon execs have admitted they can’t do), Ebay will certainly win out over Amazon. Folks, this could get ugly. Even though the two retailers sell a service that’s completely different, the fact of the matter is that shoppers will go to the one site that provides the fastest delivery time. If you live in San Francisco, will you order from Ebay Next? Check out the iOS app on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod (note: this delivery option only works on product priced $25 or more).