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  • Five Efficient iPad Apps
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What’s that? Your iPad can help you become more efficient? Yes, it’s true, an iPad doesn’t have to be a distraction! In fact, there are plenty of efficiency-based apps available for the iPad that will actually help when it comes to boosting your productivity level. Of course, the trick here is that you actually have to find those apps, and scouring through thousands of App Store apps is rather difficult at times. That’s where this super handy article comes into play. I’ve taken the liberty of going through all of those (alright, some of them) apps in order to find a few that are really going to blow your business mind.

Efficient App Number One: Air Display

This app will redirect all of those everyday distractions. Basically, Air Play acts as a second screen that you can use to load all of those sites that draw your attention away from work. You know, those Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and various other mind-numbing sites that you shouldn’t be looking at regularly throughout the day? Load those sites through Air Play on your iPad instead, and you can use your regular screen to do actual work. Air Play is a really great app to use, it comes with a super friendly interface, and it’s as smooth as silk. Sadly, Air Play isn’t a free app at $9.99, but it’s one that you’ll want to look into if you have a distraction problem.

Efficient App Number Two: Go To My PC

Have you ever wandered away from your desk only to think to yourself: “oh no! I really should have ____ (fill in the blank) before I left!” Well, with the Go To My PC app, you can actually control what’s happening on your desktop with your iPad. This app works with both Mac and PC, and it’s an app wrapped around a great idea. This app has been criticized for a bit of a learning curve, but this reviewer finds that Go To My PC is easy enough to use if you give it a fair chance. You can also try Go To My PC for free.

Efficient App Number Three: Dragon Dictation

Can’t afford to hire a dictation expert? With Dragon Dictation, you won’t have to! This app is exactly as it sounds: a dictation app that actually works very well. In fact, Dragon Dictation is the number one app prized by writers and those who spend lots of time typing around the world. This app is easy to use, really doesn’t take any time to set up, and also happens to be free.

Efficient App Number Four: GoodReader

GoodReader is an amazing app that is perfect for you if you read a lot of PDF files. This app can handle large PDF files, but it does so much more than that. GoodReader actually lets you add sticky notes, text boxes, and other comments to any PDF file text. You can also draw anything you want on a PDF and send your comments or clips to someone else in a variety of ways (through email and other methods). GoodReader is worth every penny at $4.99.

Efficient App Number Five: Mint.com for iPad

Mint.com is a small business owner’s dream. Incidentally, this app can also help you organize your own finances. Keep track of bills, expenditures, and all kinds of other financial tidbits with Mint.com. Well known around the globe for being an excellent money tracking website, Mint brings its own iPad app to the Apple Store for you to check out – make sure you do, it’s free!