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Emails are deceptive things. Sending a note via email seems private and secure. Yet, this is often far from the truth. When an email account has been intercepted, any information that you send through that account can be learned. While not new knowledge, people send emails containing all kinds of private data every day.

Credit card numbers, social security numbers, passwords, and many other digits are constantly being sent from one person to another. More often than not, this information is not being recorded by a third party. Then again, you can never be too sure. The best way to avoid losing precious data is to use one of these tools.


Lots of encryption tools exist, but Encipher.it is one of the latest. This website features a simple and fast way to encrypt any email. To use Encipher.it, visit your preferred email account (Facebook emails can be used too), type your message, and then select the Encipher.it bookmarklet (you can get this from the Encipher.it website).

You’ll then be asked to enter a secret password. Once a password has been chosen, provide the email recipient with the password via text or some other means. As soon as the recipient receives the email, he can then select the Encipher.it bookmarklet, and unlock the password by entering the correct number and letter combination. Encipher.it is simple, fast, and secure.

Gold Lock Desktop

When a program has been created by the Israeli Army, you know it’s a serious program. Gold Lock Desktop aims to make sending any information through email super secure. As with Encipher.it, both the sender and recipient must install Gold Lock Desktop in order to use this program.

Thankfully, downloading Gold Lock Desktop is free.
The company claims that no Gold Lock Desktop users have experienced a security breach. This is a big claim, since most of these programs falter once or twice. Needless to say, Gold Lock Desktop delivers military grade encryption for all of those sensitive emails. Whatever you have to say, Gold Lock Desktop will make sure that it’s said entirely in private.

Comodo Secure Email

Comodo Secure Email is another free program that may be simpler to use that Gold Lock Desktop or Encipher.it. Recipients don’t have to download this tool in order to access an email sent with Comodo Secure Email. Instead, Comodo will send a secure email to a recipient, and that recipient can open the email using the Comodo program.

For some, this option may be easier, since no downloading is required. The major drawback to Comodo Secure Email is that it only works with Win XP, Win 2000, and Windows 7. If you use Firefox or Chrome, you may be out of luck until Comodo Secure Email updates its program.

Who Needs Email Encryption

You may not need military grade email encryption. Then again, you can never be too safe. If you use a wireless network regularly, your email will be susceptible to many hacks. If you’re ever tempted to send private information via email, make sure that you use an encryption program. Otherwise, all of that important data could be stolen.