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Reach out to your target audience by sending out expertly crafted emails. Create emails that engage and command attention by using email marketing software. Keep track of results and keep tabs on clients you’ve contacted with the right software. Sophisticated email marketing software can be purchased for under $500 while simpler programs can be found for less than $200.

Email Marketing Director -- $450+
Few email marketing programs compete with Email Marketing Directory. This heavy-hitter does everything that you need it to simply and efficiently. Add previous created HTML pages, incorporate links, images, anchors, and various other features. Email Marketing Director will also let you know when an email is invalid. Sending out bulk emails that look professional has never been as easy as it is with Email Marketing Director. Not only is Email Marketing Director highly useful, but this program is also user-friendly. Of course, the price for this program is rather high, but the many things that Email Marketing Director can do easily justify the cost.

Group Mail -- $125+
Developed by Infacta Ltd, Group Mail is one of the most affordable and efficient email marketing programs on the market. The main reason why Group Mail is so popular is that this program comes with a handy wizard. By following Group Mail’s wizard, you can easily set up Group Mail without any added effort. If you’re familiar with Microsoft XP, this program will prove even easier, since most of the Group Mail icons reflect XP’s icons. One feature worth of note is the email notification feature, which makes it possible to see who has read your emails.

SendBlaster -- $125+
SendBlaster should be called “Simple Blaster.” Email blast programs really don’t get any easier than this one. Users of all levels will be able to send, track, and trace email blasts with ease. Not sure how to create an eye-catching email? SendBlaster comes with a handy “creation wizard” that will lead you through each and every step. The one drawback to SendBlaster is that sound is not supported by this program. However, most email marketing programs do not support sound, so this isn’t a huge drawback (in most cases, it’s not wise to add sound to emails anyway). SendBlaster is not as expensive as some programs out there, but don’t let that fool you. This software is worth both your time and money.

e-Campaign -- $120+
e-Campaign might be the email marketing program that you’re looking for if you want to add sound to any of your emails. While other programs fall short when it comes to sound, e-Campaign stands tall. E-Campaign also makes it possible to schedule email blasts, which can be immensely helpful if you plan don’t want to manually send out emails at any given time. This program also removes any duplicate emails, and this is especially useful. Some people might find e-Campaign difficult to use at first. Smaller icons and a somewhat complex setup may deter some people, but these things are easy to overcome. For the price (and for the sound features), e-Campaign is a solid purchase.