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If you've ever had to write up a business plan, then you are aware at how time consuming and nerve wracking it can be. You probably also are aware that there are websites offering templates of sorts to use as a jumping point, but it still isn't easy to tailor it to your specific business model in your head.

Well, now there's Enloop, created by Cynthia McCahon to make life easier for aspiring entrepreneurs by offering an actual valuable resource for free. She was inspired to create the site after watching friends and family agonize over the process, and wanted to create a stress-free way to complete the business plan creation process.

Enloop Does the Hard Work

Writing a business plan is a difficult undertaking for many, and for good reason. This document is headed to multiple investors and banks to pitch a plan for your passion. To catch investors' attention, you need to manipulate your wording just so to assure your plan stands out as a good investment. Enloop is innovative as it instantly generates a generic text to help explain key sections within the document tailored to your business, and allows you to effortlessly manipulate financial figures at the click of a button, changing all information pertaining to finances within the document automatically to reflect the changes. This, as you can imagine, is such a timesaver as business plans are laden with facts and figures.

Get Schooled in Accounting

Another challenge to the drafting of a quality business plan is all of the financial forecasting necessary within the document. Enloop will do this for you as well, creating your financial forecast based on figures you input yourself automatically. Create forecasts in Profit & Loss, Cash Flow, Sales, and more in a snap, and they're just as easy to modify. Choose from time periods ranging from annual to 36 months.

A Virtual Business Plan Consultant

Enloop Performance Score is just like having a personal consultant on your side, showing you a figure representing estimated risk, and what would happen to your credit score if you were actually in business. You can gauge how your plan will be received by investors if you can see what your decisions will do for your business. Will it be one of the many business which fail each year due to poor financial decisions?

Use your colleagues and business partners for input as well by sharing with them access to your plan, also for free. The number of people that you can invite to view your plan is infinite, and as a bonus for those concerned about privacy, they don't even have to register as a user at all.

How to Seal the Deal

When you feel your plan is ready to go in front of investors, Enloop puts your plan to the test, measuring against your score, financial information, and that you're taking in money consistently. If you pass, you obtain a document featuring a number used to verify your score the investor can see for himself.

It is an amazing tool for the small business owner looking to take it to the next level when at the same time looking at the undertaking ahead of them and panicking, not knowing where to begin. Enloop guides you through the processes, breaking it down and teaching you along the way. Of course, it's even more amazing that it's free, as one less expense in the start-up process of a business is always welcome, but other plans are available: the Advanced Plan for 9.95/month, and the Professional Plan for $39.95/month. Seal the deal with the help of Enloop by signing up at enloop.com.