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  • Epson’s 3D Head Mounted Display
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Ever since 3D television displays hit the market, consumers have been looking for a way to watch 3D images without relying on incompetent 3D glasses. The first 3D glasses were uncomfortable and, let’s face it, annoying (not to mention ugly). Lately, a number of companies have been attempting to create 3D glasses that aren’t ugly, uncomfortable, or annoying. Epson is the latest company to come up with a very cool 3D concoction.

The Epson 3D see-through head-mounted display (dubbed the Moverio) allows users to stare at a 3D display that’s 5m away without blocking out all other images. How does this work? Largely thanks to the see-through design, this allows users to see everything that’s happening without removing the glasses. That’s right, you can keep your eye on your kids while watching a 3D movie without looking through an opaque, black, lens. As if this concept weren’t cool enough, Epson has added to the appeal of these glasses by equipping them with various features.

Additional Features

In addition to the see-through 3D glasses, those who purchase Moverio (in the future) will be handed a microSD card slot and a small controller that comes with 1GB of memory. In addition, this set of 3D glasses supports all kinds of video, and this device can also handle MP3 and AAC files. If this device sounds like the 3D device you’ve been waiting for, you’ll have to wait just awhile longer.

Epson unveiled the Moverio at a recent conference in Japan, but the glasses won’t be available for consumer sale for awhile. Judging by the reaction that the Moverio glasses got after first being revealed, Epson already has a market that’s willing and ready to purchase the glasses. One has to wonder how much glasses of this sort will go for though – here’s guessing that Epson won’t price these on the low side.

3D Glasses: Where the Future’s At?

As great at Epson’s latest offering sounds, one has to wonder whether or not 3D glasses are still what the vast majority of consumers are looking for. Some people might be fed up of glasses altogether. Sure, it’s great that you can see what’s happening around you with the help of a see-through lens, but do people still want to wear any kind of glasses while watching a film? I’m not so sure that they do.

In addition, Epson’s glasses are stylish enough, but they’re still a bulky reminder of why people hate 3D glasses to begin with. It might be time for a company to come up with a 3D offering that’ s not quite so cumbersome (contact lenses, anyone?). Then again, the reign of the 3D television is relatively over. The last time I checked, stores were selling leftover 3D offerings half-price. Maybe the future isn’t in 3D at all.


Epson hasn’t stated exactly when these 3D offerings will be available. However, the Moverio glasses have just been revealed to a select few, so you can bet that these glasses won’t hit the wider market until later this year or next. To find out more, keep checking the Epson website.