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  • Epson WorkForce Pro 4540 All-In-One Printer
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Epson consistently creates printers that are reliable and generally cost-effective. The well-known printer company makes no exception with the WorkForce Pro 4540 (Pro). This printer is sturdy and ready to print thousands of copies whenever you need it to. While anyone can use the Pro printer quite effortlessly, this printer was designed for heavy in-office use. Epson also added some very nice features that many will find immensely helpful.

WorkForce Pro Features

The WorkForce Pro was built for today’s world and can transfer files to a USB stick, send faxes, and has a 30-sheet hopper. Two other very interesting and helpful features include the Google Cloud feature (you can print items located on the Google Cloud) and the AirPrint feature (allowing you to print from any Apple device including the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and an Apple computer). These two features alone make this printer well worth the price (and heft) if you are looking for a device that can keep up with current technology.

Epson has also built the WorkForce Pro for speed. This printer can turn out approximately five sheets of paper per minute. If you do the math that means that it won’t take any real time at all to print lengthy documents. It’s hard to find fault with the Epson WorkForce Pro, though there are just a couple of drawbacks. The first problem with this printer is that it’s big and bulky. At almost 36 pounds, the WorkForce Pro isn’t really a printer that you’ll want to move around too much. The second issue is that the Pro doesn’t include PictBridge, which may or may not be a drawback depend on how you look at it.

Cost and User-Friendliness

Thankfully, the days of printers that were hard to use and harder to maintain are long gone. In the place of those dinosaurs are printers like the Pro. This printer is very easy to use and includes no confusion upon setup or while printing. A handy user’s manual is all you’ll need to troubleshoot though you can also access Epson’s online help or contact the company for additional support – this is part of the perk of buying a printer from a well-known and established brand. As mentioned, the weight of this printer is quite a lot, so it’s best used as an office printer, though any can really use the Pro without trouble.

You might expect a printer that comes with all of the features mentioned above to cost a lot. However, the Pro is exceptionally ideal for the sheer fact that this printer is easily affordable. The Pro retails for around $299, which is a great price for such a solid piece of machinery. Based upon price alone (though the Pro certainly has plenty of other appealing features), the Epson WorkForce Pro 4540 is the perfect printer for any office large or small, including a home office. If you’re in the market for a printer that is really a workhorse, the Epson WorkForce Pro is worth considering from every angle.