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Reading is fundamental. It’s also a great way to pass the time. As avid readers know, nothing is quite as peaceful as reading a book while sitting on a beach, in the backyard, or on the couch. Having the option to take hundreds of books with you wherever you go is the main reason why eReaders are so popular.

The first eReader to hit the market was the Amazon Kindle. The Kindle remains the gold standard in eBooks today. Once Kindle’s success became apparent, many other eReaders emerged. Bookstores began selling their own eReaders, and online bookstores even cashed in on the craze. EReaders aren’t quite as hot as they once were, but there are still some great eReaders available.

Barnes and Noble Nook -- $145+

The Barnes and Noble Nook is, well, a noble try at beating Amazon’s Kindle. In many ways, the Barnes and Noble version is superior to the Kindle. The Nook offers readers a shiny casing, a color screen, and a nice (relatively non-reflective) screen. Barnes and Noble also offers readers access to the Barnes and Noble online bookstore.

This bookstore contains millions of eBook titles that can be purchased for around $10. Users can also download books from Google. Downloading a book takes only a few seconds, and previews of all books are available. Due to the Nook’s interface and design, many prefer the Barnes and Noble Nook over the Amazon Kindle.

Kindle 3 -- $130+

It’s hard to beat the Kindle. Other companies have tried. Many have failed. Amazon is now up to the third version of the Kindle. Its size, sleekness, and speed make it nearly impossible to beat. The Kindle 3 has an “E-Ink” screen that creates the ink feeling many eReaders are missing. The contrast between the words on a page and the white background is familiar and comfortable.

The Kindle 3 doesn’t have a touchscreen, but this isn’t considered a drawback. Thanks to the slick shell, this eReader is lightweight and easy to hold. In fact, it’s one of the lightest eBooks on the market. You won’t notice much glare when reading a book on the Kindle 3, but you will note just how sleek this eReader is. Of course, you’ll also have access to Amazon’s vast collection of eBooks.

Sony Reader Touch -- $230+

The Sony Reader Touch Edition is one of the most expensive eReaders on the market. Yet, this expense is justified by Sony quality. This eReader is lightweight, simply to use, and it is also incredibly thin. The Sony Reader Touch Edition also comes with a battery that can last through more than 1,000 books. The one drawback to this eReader is the selection of books that Sony offers.

It wouldn’t be fair to compare the number of eBooks that Sony offers with the Amazon or Barnes and Noble eReaders. Yet, it’s impossible not to do so, since both the Amazon Kindle 3 and the Barnes and Noble Nook are far less expensive than the Sony Reader Touch. Sony offers users a selection of books from the Reader Store. The Reader Store does include a number of popular book titles, but you may not find everything you’re looking for.