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  • Best e-Readers for Seniors
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E-readers provide a really convenient way to carry a library of books anywhere you go without the extra weight. Seniors looking for an e-reader may want to find one that has large icons, a clear screen, and doesn't come with too many complex functions. Don't worry, it's easier to find one than it looks!

Let's take a look at the best e-readers for seniors.

Amazon Kindle Touch

Audio Books: available and easy to use.
Connectivity: WiFi
Screen Size: 6-inches
Price: $100

Barnes and Noble Nook Color

Audio Books: Yes
Connectivity: WiFi
Screen Size: 7-inches
Price: $249

Amazon Kindle Fire

Audio Books: Yes
Connectivity: 3G
Screen Size: 7-inches
Price: $199

Sony Reader

Audio Books: Yes
Connectivity: WiFi
Screen Size: 6-inches
Price: $149

Things to Look For

In addition to the features listed at the beginning of this post, e-readers for seniors should also include the following:

Keyboard: most e-readers come with touch screens, but some come with attachable keyboards. If you have a hard time typing, you may want to find an e-reader that has a simple to use keyboard. If you don't like touch screens, an e-reader that has an optional detachable keyboard may be a better idea.

Connectivity Options: if you only plan to use your e-reader with WiFi, a device that only connects via WiFi is a good option. Otherwise, look for an e-reader that can connect without WiFi.

Screen Type: the type of screen you use will make a huge difference. Some screens aren't so great when reading outside due to a large amount of glare (when the sun hits the screen). If you plan to read outside most of the time, look for a device that has an eInk screen.

LCD screens are harder to see in direct sunlight. But, you should also note that eInk screens tend to be available only in black and white - not such a big deal if you only want to read, but you won't see anything in color!

Pricing and Where to Buy

As you can see from the list above, most e-readers are under the $200 range. More expensive devices offer more features, but basic may be better if you don't care about fussing with various options. As far as the best place to buy an e-reader that a senior can use easily, you have a myriad of options.

At this time of year, it will pay to look online as well as in stores. As retailers gear up for the holiday season, sales and prices tend to drop on devices like e-readers. Big name stores tend to have the best prices, though some sites like eBay do offer decent used device (which may be a good route to take). Just make sure you have some kind of a warranty or guarantee.

If you need help buying an e-reader for seniors, don't hesitate to leave us a comment below. Or, if you have a device that you use and love, let us know! An e-reader can bring you hours of reading enjoyment without carrying all those books around!