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The world might be full of part-time bloggers, but make no mistake about it - writing for the web or writing in general is hard. If you are serious about your writing and want it to really take off, you have to stand above all others when it comes to basic concepts like what makes a good article or why someone would want to read your articles at all.

There are apps to help with writing and some are better than others. One of the more recent apps is Expresso. Expresso (aptly named) will help you hone your writing skills to develop articles, blogs, or just general content that is truly unique and interesting to read - here’s how Expresso works.

What Espresso Does

Expresso effectively analyzes your writing. The app will tell you what types of words you use most often, and it will also help you figure out why you might be using those words (or what those words mean). As you write (or after you’re done writing), Expresso will highlight certain words. From there, you can let your cursor fall over the highlighted parts to see what Expresso has picked up on.

The app is useful when you are trying to become a better writer. You can also do things like pull up metrics for your writing while you are editing. If you want a list of synonyms Espresso can do that too. The whole things works nicely and is something you might want to consider if you find that your writing is just lacking lately.

How to Get It

Right now, Expresso is in beta mode, so you can’t use the app unless the Expresso team deems that you can. However, the app will be public soon enough, so you can see how it works from start to finish. If you already have a bunch of writing apps on your computer, I don’t recommend adding another one (this would just make actually get any article or blog post completed impossible).
But if you don’t have a writing app that aims to help you with your words, you might want to check out Expresso. So far, the ratings for this app have been positive. As mentioned, there are other writing apps out there that aim to help you with your words and even grammar, so Expresso will have some stiff competition (and most writers are already working with or are comfortable with one app or another).

What Expresso Isn’t

Expresso will help you perfect your writing by telling you what you do and do not create when writing, but it’s not a text editor. So, you can’t really get rid of a program like Word (if you’re still using that program) or another text editor that you might be using. Rather, Expresso is complimentary to any text editor and does work well that way.

This might not be the program for you if you write casually, but it would be very useful when creating research papers or when writing for a client or two. Expresso is expected to be release in its fully version later this summer.