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  • Evernote: A New Kind of Note-Taking System
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The Evernote app is a thorough, and very useful organizational tool, which can also increase productivity. The primary purpose of designing the Evernote app, was to create a way for people to easily remember everything. The principle is similar to that of David Allen's "Getting Things Done" (GTD), and is ideally used in conjunction with a GTD program in place. The idea is that people waste a lot of energy by trying to remember everything all the time.

People tend to keep to-do lists and resources stored in their brain, but that is not a very effective way to get things done, and stay organized. Our brains just don't have the capacity to remember everything, and even if we could, we can't expect to be able to recall the information every time we need it. Many people have had great success in increasing productivity, by installing a policy to write down everything they want to do or use to get their goals accomplished. Evernote is a fantastic resource for this purpose, and all will find this app helpful.

Taking Evernotes

Taking notes takes on a whole new meaning with Evernotes. Traditionally, note-taking involves nothing more than a pen and paper. With modern technology, however, the endless resources available at our fingertips online dictate a new approach to taking notes. The pen and paper have been replaced by a keyboard/keypad and a word processor, which is the most basic function of Evernote. Users can also store PDF notes, images and web pages.

Every note taken, including images and web pages, is searchable by keyword. Notes can also be shared with colleagues and friends. This feature can come in handy for students and professionals, who miss a lecture or meeting. Sharing notes has never been easier than it is with Evernotes.


Evernote is an incredibly versatile application. Its uses are limited only by the imagination of the user. It can be used soley for recreation, as a way to capture thoughts and interesting articles. The app is also great for students taking notes during lectures, and saving resources during research. The same use applies for professionals taking notes during meetings and/or doing research for a client project.

Creative people can get a lot of use out of the Evernote app. Whether professional or recreational, the tools provided by this application can serve as a fountain of inspiration for artists and other types of creative work. Capturing ideas, storing inspirational photos and articles, and developing ideas is easy and fun with this great resource.


Everything saved on the Evernote app is automatically synchronized to the web and the user's home computer. The application is available on the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry and most other smart phones. It also functions on Mac and Windows computers. All of the data collected on this program is accessible to users anywhere with internet access. Web pages and online information can also be stored on a user's smart phone or computer, and then viewed offline later.