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  • New Evernote for Android
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Evernote is a funny app. Some people love the note-taking simplicity of Evernote. Others find no use for this app whatsoever. Evernote is a free app for both iPhone and Android that was built to make taking notes easier (and more organized). While useful in a number of ways, Evernote has been criticized for an overly complex interface (amongst other things) that’s difficult to edit and use.

Companies that succeed tend to listen to their consumer audience. This is exactly what the developers over at Evernote have done. Taking into consideration interface, editing, and Android tablets, Evernote is now newer and fresher than ever before. While Android tablets have gained most of the attention, the new Evernote app also has some great features in store for Android phone users.

What’s New With the Android Phone App

Evernote for Android phones now comes with rich text. Prior to this addition, users were forced to edit notes on a desktop after recording notes with the Evernote app. Needless to say, this was a real pain. Now, users can simply stylize notes directly inside of the app itself. Those who use the Evernote app for Android will enjoy this feature thoroughly.

For Android Tablet Users

Tablets are big. Big enough that some people use tablets as a replacement for a desktop or laptop computer. Not only are tablets big, but they are also wildly popular. If you want to know more about tablets, check out our tablet articles – you’ll find plenty of information! R-TT aside, the developers at Evernote needed a way to make this app work with large tablet screens.

What better way than to make use of the entire tablet screen? Evernote for Android tablets now comes with lists, a completely different note view, and a ton of tools that Evernote enthusiasts will enjoy. Options, sidebars, and double-tapping selections are some of the things that you can look forward to with the new Evernote for Android tablet app.

Available on all Android Devices

The biggest Evernote changes can be seen while using Android tablets. But, there are some changes that apply to all kinds of Android devices. One of these changes is the Evernote widget. By placing this widget on your home screen, you can make any Evernote action happen. Well, the basic functions at least.
This makes it simpler to use Evernote, which is really what the app was lacking to begin with.

Evernote has made it clear that its users are important. By listening to complaints, finding out what users like, and understanding basic marketing principles, Evernote is set to snag a whole new generation of users. Do you need Evernote? That depends on what you do and how you like to work.

If you enjoy taking notes, keeping things organized, and jotting down thoughts and ideas quickly, you’ll love Evernote. If not, you may not find any real use for this program other than the fact that it’s free (for now), and it’s there if you need it.