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  • Evernote 5 Update for iOS
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Evernote is updating its iOS app. The app is not released to the public yet, but Evernote has put out a nice video explaining the new app on its website. Essentially, the new app will be easier to use with a much cleaner interface – a really good thing, since Evernote’s previous iOS interface wasn’t all that user-friendly. If you like to use Evernote and have been waiting for a new update, here’s what you can expect from the popular note app.

A New UI: Clean and Clutter-Free

Evernote’s new interface is all about putting essential items at your fingertips. With just one tap, you can find those things that you need right away. Sections are stacked on top of each other, and tapping on a section will create a full-screen view of that section. After tapping on a section, users can then browse through that entire section with the flick of a finger. Leaving your finger on the top of the screen and pulling down (like you would to refresh any other app) will reveal other search and sort options. In addition to making the whole experience easier for you, the new Evernote also makes it possible to view any notebooks that other users have shared with you.

Evernote has also added an interesting “place” feature. This feature makes it possible to view all of the places that you’ve been by looking at a large world map. This interactive map is a lot of fun to use, and if you’ve made a note while visiting a certain place, you can tap on the note icon to see what you’ve written. For example, you may have had excellent pastries at a small cafГ© in Paris. While there, you might have made a note about that cafГ©. If you tap on this note, you can see what pastries were your favorites and what the name of the cafГ© was. Evernote has made taking and viewing notes very simple this time around.


The one thing that’s slightly irritating about Evernote announcements is that this company never releases any specific dates. Right now, Evernote is simply stating that the new iOS update will be available soon. How soon is soon? Your guess is as good as mine. But, if Evernote has put this much effort into alerting the press and setting up a video, I’m guessin that the new update will be available within the next few weeks.

If you’ve never used Evernote, you may want to give this app a try when it does arrive. Evernote is one of the most popular ways for iOS users to take and keep notes. But, you really have to take notes in order to find Evernote useful. Perhaps the new update will entice new users, but the fact remains that some people just aren’t into taking notes. If you have an Android phone and you’re wondering when Evernote will be available, I’m sorry to state that the company hasn’t released any Android news as of yet. Seemingly, Evernote will want to capture the Android crowd as well as the iOS crowd, but that may not be the case.