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  • Evertale: Let Your Phone Chronicle Your Life
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Evertale is a new startup that allows users to document each photo, location visited, and live event by installing the Evertale app and letting the app track every movement. Essentially, Evertale is a phone diary that does all of the detail work for you. If you’ve ever wanted to document every move you make, Evertale might be the app that you’re looking for. The app is still in beta (and currently invite-only), but here’s what you can expect from Evertale once the app goes public.

Download and Get Ready to Record Your Life

Evertale is currently only available for those who have Android phones (sorry, iOS and BlackBerry users – the company says that the phone will be developed for other platforms soon). You can find the Evertale app in the Android Marketplace right now (it’s free at the moment, but it’s still in beta, as mentioned). Once the app has been downloaded, you really don’t have to do much more than sign up for an account.

Evertale will begin tracking your calls, your photos, and the places you visit directly after you’ve downloaded the app. When you’re ready, you can ask the app to compile all of these things into a nifty little diary of sorts. If you want to brag or tell the world what you’re been up to, you can then share this diary through various social networks.

Is Evertale Useful?

I’ll admit that the video the Evertale team has placed on the startup’s website is powerful. The video details the life of a man who travels to distant places, sees very cool things, and, apparently, helps with lots of non-profit organizations. If you aren’t this person (and, really, few people are), your Evertale diary will be full of driving to work, speaking with colleagues, and those photos you snapped when you were out last weekend (not quite as exciting as the life of someone who does volunteer work in Africa, but the content collected will still be all about your life). Who knows, Evertale could even prompt you to do more exciting things, just so you can create a better Evertale diary.

While Evertale seems like a fun app to use, I’m not sure that I’d want an app tracking my every move. Then again, this app would be very useful if you do have an exciting life, don’t mind documenting that life, and are too busy to create your own life’s chronicles. Evertale does allow you to edit the things that you do not want to be part of your story before you share what you’ve created with the world, so you don’t have to worry about too many private details slipping out.

Out of Beta Soon

Right now, there’s no word as to when Evertale will be out of the beta clutches (and when you can sign up for an account), but with all the press that this app is getting, you can expect the Android app to hit the Marketplace for all sometime very soon. If you lead an exciting life and want to keep in touch with friends and family members who might not be near you, Evertale is a great app to consider.