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  • The Facebook Acquaintance List
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Let’s be honest for a moment (it’s okay, nobody’s looking): some of your Facebook friends are just plain boring. Sure, you might have shared a juice box with your childhood best bud every day on the playground, but what do you have in common with her now that you’re all grown up and living in different towns? Or worse, you are constantly bombarded via Facebook stream by photos of babies and kids that you don’t know and never will know. Well, now you can do something about all of those boring and annoying people on your friend list.

Facebook understands your pain and to show you just how much they care, there’s a new feature that you’ll find on your Facebook profile called the “Acquaintance Suggestion Tool.” Essentially, Facebook will begin suggesting that you add some of your friends to that “acquaintance” list. When added to an acquaintance list, you will see far less of those annoying posts in your news stream. The result is a happier and calmer you who doesn’t have to try to find something nice to say every time a picture of a baby with something grotesque on their face is posted – brilliant, isn’t it? Even better, those friends you add to your acquaintance list will be none the wiser.

Introducing: The Close Friends List

Not only is Facebook unveiling an “acquaintance list,” but you’ll also have the option to add some friends to a “close friends” list. As you might have guessed, posts by your close friends will dominate your news feed with no acquaintances mixed in. Both the acquaintance list and the close friends list can be accessed by visiting your friends page, clicking on either category (clos friends or acquaintances), and selecting the friends to put into each circle – er, category.

There’s very little doubt in this writer’s mind that Facebook has taken a page or two from Google’s page with these suggestions. Sure, Facebook, technically, had an acquaintance and close friends list awhile ago, but who used these lists before the site started suggesting that some friends are more acquaintances than real friends? Regardless, setting up friend lists is really quite easy and you’ll find that reading your news feed is much simpler without all of those posts you don’t actually care to read. So, what are you waiting for? Start sorting those friends out!

All Without A Word

What’s the best part about dropping friends into specific lists? You don’t even need to feel bad about sorting those acquaintances from your closer friends. Nobody will know which list they are a part of and they won’t get an email stating that you have officially unfriended them. See? It’s all for the greater good. You get a cleaner news feed and your friends can keep posting annoying photos – everyone’s happy.

As mentioned, you can start accessing these specific lists right now and just in case you aren’t sure who to place where, Facebook will make friend list suggestions for you based on the number of times you look at someone’s profile or read news updates from a specific friend. Really, the whole thing is effortless and makes using Facebook a lot more fun.