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  • The Facebook App Center: What’s It All About?
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Facebook announced and implemented an all-new App Center last week, but this announcement was met with much confusion and skepticism. On the confusion front, most Facebook users (and many reviewers) were unsure what the App Center was all about or how it functioned. Those who are skeptical of the new App Center tend to view this new move from Facebook as the social media company grasping at straws. For some time now, Facebook has been attempting to make a foray into the mobile world, but Facebook’s own mobile app is less than appealing or attractive. As a result, the new App Center might be another attempt from Facebook to appeal to the mobile crowd. So, what does the App Center really do? Here’s what can be surmised from Facebook’s latest offering (but, I warn you, the purpose of the App Center is somewhat confusing!).

How Does the New App Center Work?

Right now, you can head to the Facebook main page and click on the App Center link. Once there, you will see over sixty different apps that are available. These apps can then be downloaded onto your iOS or Android device. If you choose to download an app to your mobile device, you will get a pop-up notification from your Facebook mobile app that a new app has been added. Oddly, users will have to return to the Facebook App Center in order to give the app permission to download (so, there’s a lot of going back and forth in order to download an app, which doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but that’s the way it is for now).

When visiting the App Center, you can also see what apps your Facebook friends have downloaded, and I’m guessing that this is the main purpose of the App Center. If you want to use the App Center for a review site, you can find out which apps your friends use and like in this manner. Otherwise, it’s tough to see why the App Center serves any real purpose or why Facebook has created it. Regardless, it looks like the App Center is here for now – and there might be one reason why Facebook has gone this route.

A Facebook Phone Set Up?

For awhile now, there have been rumors that Facebook is in the process of creating a Facebook phone. If this is true, the App Center that Facebook has set up might act as Facebook’s main app store (though the social network will have to work on perfecting the App Center a lot more). Since there isn’t currently a Facebook phone, the App Center is simply a place to see what your friends are using for apps and what apps are out there. While Facebook users continue to be puzzled by the creation of the App Center, Facebook is certain to have some kind of plan in mind for this new creation.

If you currently use Facebook and have visited the App Center, let me know what you think of this new store/review site. Will you use the Facebook App Center or is it something that simply doesn’t make a whole lot of sense?