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  • Facebook Moves Towards Artificial Intelligence
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Have you ever posted a photo to Facebook, and then regretted showing the world that picture the next morning? Well, Facebook wants to help you out with those photos. The company is currently developing an artificial intelligence element for the social site that will ask you whether or not you really want to post a photo.

The New and Intelligent Facebook

Facebook’s new artificial intelligence feature will analyze the photos that you post, and then ask you whether or not you really want to post those pictures. The feature will also analyze any status that you have recently created, and ask you to question whether or not you want to put ‘I hate my in-laws’ on your Facebook page.

The new A.I element will also take a look at the photos that other people post of you. If someone tags you in a photo, the new feature will then directly contact you, so that you can determine whether or not you want to be included in that post. By making it easier to contact a person directly, this feature will give you more control over what people are posting about you, or what you are sharing publicly.

Too Much Control?

Some critics of the new feature wonder if Facebook is trying to exert too much control over users by asking users to consider whether or not they want to post a photo to the site. But others are happy for this feature, since many people post photos and status updates that they later regret. There are also huge possibilities for other types of content with A.I of this kind. Companies that focus on brand content could potentially stop bad posts and even social network statuses from being posted.

In this imaginative scenario, consider the benefits of being warned when an intern, for example, decides to post something controversial on your company’s Twitter page or company blog. Such a program as the one that Facebook is developing could potentially stop that person, and ask whether or not posting is a good idea. Or, it could send an alert to a supervisor or other manager.

In Development

The new Facebook feature is currently in development, but the company expects the feature to be ready in the near future. So, the next time that you decide to post a photo of you and your colleagues drinking during work hours, your Facebook page may just stop you from that embarrassment (and potential firing). Whether it’s useful (or controlling) or not, the new feature is likely to appear on your Facebook page soon.

Facebook is also working on some additional features that will improve users experience. The company wants to develop a site that is easier for users to grasp, and contains features and other details that users will find helpful. This will be the first foray into artificial intelligence for Facebook, but it’s an area that the company is certainly focusing on closely. Will this feature stop you from posting potentially harmful Facebook photos and status updates? Or, will you just click “yes I want to post this” anyway?