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  • Comment Boxes Come to Facebook Mobile (Finally!)
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If you’re glued to your smartphone and enjoy reading sites (like this one!) that allow social media sharing, you may have noticed that something very important has been missing. When browsing mobile sites, it hasn’t been possible to view or use a Facebook comment box. Even though lots of sites allow you to comment when posting to your Facebook page, Facebook hasn’t made this a mobile possibility (until now).

Today, Facebook announced that comment boxes will now appear on third party sites. This is big news, since many smartphone users have been waiting for these comment boxes to arrive. This is also big news because Facebook has been making a noticeable effort to update its mobile functions when it comes to third party sites. Seemingly, Facebook is attempting to take further steps to ensure that it remains the number one social networking site.

Google Draws Closer

It’s not completely far-fetched for Facebook to fear Google. Even though Google Plus isn’t anywhere near catching up to Facebook fan-wise, Google has recently made it nearly impossible for anyone using any Google service not to have a G+ account. This could mean (as it usually does), that social media users will simply succumb to the Google pressure (even if it is forced). Google aside, there’s another reason why Facebook is attempting to grow in every possible direction, and that reason has to do with investors.

Rumor has it that Facebook will go public this coming spring. When the Facebook IPO arrives, those who have enough money to invest will want to make sure that the company is moving forward. Otherwise, investors could wind up with a lot of Facebook stock and a company that’s going nowhere. By taking steps to grow in different ways, Facebook is proving to investors that the company does have future plans that are both solid and viable.

More Mobile, Please

If you haven’t already noticed, the world is increasingly growing mobile. From mobile ad space to various mobile apps, companies that aren’t part of the mobile scene will surely be left in the dust (take note if you have an online company). Even companies as large as Facebook aren’t immune to mobile pressures. As more and more people use smartphone to surf the Internet, check emails, read articles, and do a number of other things, the laptop or desktop system may become obsolete. If sites like Facebook aren’t keeping up with this mobile trend, they will soon be dead in the water.

It’s great to see that Facebook is improving mobile-wise. While the company has officially stated anything regarding future plans, you can bet that Facebook will be making more mobile moves within the near future. Not only is more mobile inevitable, disclosing future plans is also something that Facebook will have to do when the investors start lining up. The mobile expansion that will happen in 2012 will be interesting, no doubt. For now, sit back and enjoy that new Facebook comment box option – it’s been a long time coming!