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  • Be Careful What You Say While Using Facebook (Someone Is Watching)
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Entering a conversation via Facebook chat may seem like a relatively safe thing to do, but the reality is that your Facebook chat conversations may actually be prey to a very watchful eye. Press all across the world has just found out that Facebook actually has some fairly sophisticated monitoring software in place. Why does a social network want to monitor user conversations? Seemingly, it all has to do with security. If police anywhere ask Facebook to monitor a suspicious person, that person can be monitored closely through Facebook chat and various other forms of communication such as wall posts.

How does this software work? Facebook has a number of employees who have the specific job of monitoring everything that happens on the social network. If certain keywords raise an alarm, these security employees will then make it a point to monitor a conversation or two. According to various reports, Facebook has every right to act in this manner, and the social network claims that making sure conversations on Facebook are safe is the network’s responsibility.

Kinds of Conversations That Are Monitored On Facebook

You might be asking yourself: “what kinds of conversations does Facebook make it a point to monitor?” The answer here is somewhat muddled. It might make sense for Facebook to keep a watchful eye on the activities of known pedophiles and other criminal offenders, since these people may be able to lure future victims using a Facebook alias. It also makes sense for Facebook to keep a watch on any convicted felon or other problematic personality, but these people might not be the only people that Facebook is looking out for.

In some ways, the face that Facebook can and will monitor conversations is reassuring – after all, you don’t want your child talking to a known sex offender who’s disguised as a teenager, right? In other ways, it’s kind of creepy to know that someone is always watching everything you do and say while using Facebook. That said, the fact that Facebook is an open social network is a reality, and protecting yourself against any possible danger is important.

How to Keep Yourself Safe While Using Facebook

There are a number of ways to ensure safety while using Facebook, but one of the most important ways is to simply say “no” to people you don’t know who are asking to be your friend. Amazingly, most people simply approve friend requests without even finding out who a person is or what that person wants. It’s very easy to pretend to be someone else while hiding behind a computer screen, so make sure you know who you (and your children) are friending.

It’s also a good idea to make sure that your Facebook settings are secure. Don’t allow the public to view your personal details, put a lock on your photos, and never list your home address on your Facebook wall. Also, remember not to provide details about upcoming trips and vacations if this means that your home will be left unattended. Remember, Facebook is an open social network that millions of people around the world use and Facebook employees aren’t the only ones watching your every move.