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  • Facebook Creates A Find Friends-Type App
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Facebook has been making news headlines for a few weeks now thanks to various new site and app developments. The latest development to come from Facebook is called “Friendshake.” Friendshake is a lot like the Find My Friends app for iOS, only this app is available solely through Facebook and lets Facebook users find other Facebook users nearby for free. This app is already available through the social networking site, but you probably haven’t heard of it yet.

For some reason, Friendshake rolled out quietly leaving most Facebook users rather clueless. Facebook is rather good at inventing new apps and changing up the website without actually telling anyone about it, but, somehow, people always manage to discover a new app whenever one pops up. If you’re curious whether or not your Facebook friends are located near you and how to find them, you’ll want to take a look at how this app works.

Using the Friendshake App

To find the Friendshake app, head to your Facebook page and type in “Friendshake” in the search bar. From there, you will have to allow the app to search for your current location, wait a few minutes, and then you will be directed to a page that includes a list of your friends who currently have the same app page open. You will see a list of your friends in addition to some friends who you might not know.

The Friendshake app is somewhat limited for now, but I’m guessing that this app will be easier to use and more complex as time marches on. Friendshake has all the potential to be a great app, and an app that many people will likely use. Whether or not Facebook will make an official announcement about the app has yet to be seen, however.

Is Facebook Inventing More Apps?

It certainly doesn’t look like Facebook will be slowing down any time soon as far as app development is concerned. The social network has been revamping its site and creating apps for weeks now in an attempt to gain more followers, pull users away from other social networks, and, in general, make using Facebook a lot more fun. Really, Facebook can use the updates provided that the apps created are useful and actually enjoyable.

Friendshake has the potential to be a really useful app when it comes to hanging out with people who you’ve met and happen to be on Facebook. With this app, it’s a lot easier to find people in your area, connect with people you might not have had a change to connect with, and simply turn your social network into a network of people you might actually meet up with once in awhile. If you have a Facebook account, give Friendshake a try and let me know what you think of Facebook’s latest app addition. In many ways, Friendshake is a great app idea that’s bound to be a lot of fun. The question is: will this app catch on or will it simply fade into the background?