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  • A Facebook Hate Button? Maybe.
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If you’re an avid Facebook user, you’ve no doubt “liked” a few posts and companies along the way. But what about all of those companies you love to hate or posts that you really can’t stand? Rumor has it that Facebook might be rolling out a “hate” button soon (of course, Facebook can’t comment on much right now in the wake of the company’s new IPO). So far, the Facebook like button is popular the world over and many companies try to purchase new “likes” daily. So what will happen if Facebook does, indeed, get a “hate” button?

Hate seems like such a strong word (after all, no “love” button exists), but it seems that hate is what the masses want most. For those companies that do the world bad, pollute the planet, serve up dangerously fatty foods, and people who post too many photos or obnoxious statements, time is of the essence. One has to wonder whether or not a Facebook hate button would be just as popular as a like button.

Inside the Facebook Debate

The Facebook hate button story was first reported by TechCrunch (as far as I can tell, that is), and the latest report states that those who run the show over at Facebook are uncertain that hate is the way to go (well, some are, at least). A few people who work within the company are toying with the idea of “who cares,” “meh,” and various other words. Why bother tweaking the like button or adding any other buttons at all?

Facebook is, and always has been, about allowing people to express themselves. Like a picture of someone’s kids or click the “meh” button – it’s up to you. Whatever you want the world to know about you or how you feel about a certain situation should be easy to express via the world’s most popular social network, right? Well, that’s how Facebook feels about the whole thing too. Just think twice before you insult someone with a “meh” or “hate” tap just because you are in a bad mood.

Detail, Details, Details

So when will this new button (or range of additional buttons) show up? Really, timing is anyone’s guess, but I’d be willing to be that Facebook will likely wait until the company has gone public. This way, the powers that be over at Facebook won’t risk offending any potential investors. When will the company finally go public? Seemingly, Facebook is in the last stages of setting up an IPO, so that public offering should be happening sometime very soon.

Do you love, hate, or feel just “meh” about the whole idea of new Facebook buttons? Some are on the fence regarding this topic while others can’t wait to start tapping buttons other than the famous “like button.” It will also be interesting to see how companies use various other buttons to marketing products and services – will some companies try to gain as many hate hits as possible? Who knows; but the Facebook you know and love is bound to change very soon (and that could be a good thing!).