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  • Here's Why iOS Facebook Apps Are Now Faster
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Have you noticed something odd about your Facebook app when you’re using an iOS device? Facebook has made its app 50% faster on the iPad and iPhone.

The company changed the way that the iOS app functioned some time ago, and that cause the app to slow down. News feeds weren’t loading quickly, which caused some users to simply delete the app from their phones and tablets, or just deal with general annoyance over the fact that news feeds took so long to refresh.

The Facebook App Issue

Facebook developers started to notice that the more features they would add to the iOS Facebook app, the slower it would become. This was due to some code data issues that caused the app to slow down drastically. As Facebook began to notice the issue, social network users also started to complain that news feeds took a really long time to load when using an iOS device. So, Facebook has been working to fix the issue.

Facebook developers found a new way to store data, so that updates to the app weren’t going to slow it down for users. When you open up your iOS app now, you should see that Facebook loads much faster. This is not the first time that developers have problems with iOS devices, either. Many developers prefer to work with Android devices for the simple reason that Android is an easier platform to develop apps for. Companies that don’t have Apple’s money to spend on figuring out why an app isn’t working may just become frustrated with the difficulties that surround developing for iOS.

Help for Developers

Microsoft has recently released a developer tool kit that will help when it comes to creating apps for Microsoft devices. BlackBerry has also worked towards training developers in the past. Apple does offer some help for developers, but maybe the system could be worked out so that developers can have an easier time creating apps for iOS, but nothing is in the works right now.

The good news, though, is that the Facebook app for iOS is faster, so you should be able to load memes, videos, and pictures of babies quicker than before. When tested, the app did indeed load faster, and I was able to enjoy all the good stuff that comes with my Facebook feed instantly - okay, not so much, but I could look at all those photos of people I don’t know if I really wanted to.

Other Things from Facebook

Rumor has it that Facebook is currently working on some other additions to the company’s various apps, so you can look for those in the near future too. The company did just release an update to Facebook that allows some people to anonymously use the site, though no major updates have been released to iOS or other Facebook apps as of this writing.

It’s nice to note when a company works on a problem and fixes it, like Facebook has done, and that will likely lead to more users.