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  • Facebook Offers Up Better Control Over Your News Feed
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Maybe Facebook knows that people are getting fed up of the social site. Or, maybe they just want to make it easier for you to have more control over what you see. Whatever the reason is, the company has just added some improvements to the way that you see your news feed.

You can now opt-in to see more of someone’s posts, and you can pick which person’s posts you want to see first when you do visit your Facebook page. Here’s how to do it.

Choosing User Posts

These new changes are available through Facebook’s iOS app for now, but they will likely appear on desktop and Android soon enough. To change which posts you see first, look for the “More” section, and then choose “News Feed Preferences.” In that menu, you will see the new options including ‘unfollow people to hide posts,’ discover new pages,’ ‘prioritize who to see first,’ and ‘reconnect with people you have unfollowed.’ Pick the ‘prioritize who to see first’ option.

Once you choose that option, you can then pick up to 30 people that you want to closely follow. Once you choose these people, anything that they post will be at the top of your news feed. After you prioritize some accounts, a star will appear next to those accounts to remind you that you’ve chosen to see more posts from those thirty people.

Why Bother?

Facebook doesn’t always show you everything that your friends post, and sometimes you see the things that people you don’t care about post often. With this new feature, you can now really customize whose posts you do want to see, and whose posts you really don’t want to see. If you get tired of the thirty people that you chose, you can always change who’s at the top of your news feed. The other thing that Facebook has added is the option to reconnect with someone you once unfollowed.

If you decided on a whim to stop following a certain person, you can now begin following that person again without much effort. Plus, they’ll never know that you stopped following them. You can get rid back into the groove of seeing what you’ve missed and what they are posted with this new feature. Facebook reps have told press that the company has created these new features based on what users are recommending. So some of these changes should make you happy if you wanted better control over your feed.

Dwindling Numbers

Facebook has seen the number of people using the social site decline lately. Those that do use the site tend to be in the 50+ age range with some younger people actively using the site (typically those that work from home or stay at home). The site has also become a place for people with like-minded interests to meet. The company hopes that by making constant user preference changes, it will be able to bring back some of those lost souls.

If you do have an iPhone and you have the Facebook app, you can start checking out these changes today. If you don’t have an iPhone, you’ll have to hang tight until the company can create an Android and desktop app.