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  • Facebook: Now Taking Tips from LinkedIn
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A well-known publication recently printed an article about Facebook and LinkedIn. No, this article wasn’t about Twitter’s decision to banish LinkedIn from Twitter feeds, but it was about something very interesting. Seemingly, Facebook is about to become LinkedIn’s direct competitor. How will this happen? It seems as though Facebook will be posting a job board later this summer. But, then again, LinkedIn isn’t exactly a job board, and Facebook already lists government jobs on its site. So, Facebook might be putting up a job board soon, but it’s not entirely likely that LinkedIn will loose too much sleep over it.

If the new Facebook job board will remain free (this is the be determined, however), it would be a very cool feature for Facebook users. The site would pull jobs from a number of job search sites, and users would be able to search for jobs using a search box. Not a bad idea on Facebook’s end, but what will this new job board do for the company when it comes to revenue?

Facebook Needs to Make Some Cash

Ever since Facebook went public, the company had to show its investors that it is, in fact, about to generate revenue of some kind. Since then, Facebook has been trying a whole bunch of different advertising angles and other tactics to prove that revenue through the social media site is possible (and that Facebook isn’t overvalued). Only, in the process of trying to appeal to investors, the site itself has slowed down. Many users have left Facebook and some are simply not using their accounts as much. This is due, partially, to the fact that Facebook’s ads are just too intrusive.

The lack of Facebook participation could also be due to the fact that the social network has lots its new appeal. So, what is Zuckerberg and team to do? Appealing to those people who did, do, or might use Facebook is a good idea. What’s the best way to do this? Perhaps a job board that’s better than any other. If the job board rumor is a true one and Facebook is working on this feature, many users could flock back to the social network just to look for work. Or, Facebook could charge users to scan job listings – either possibility is feasible.

When Will the New Facebook Job Board Be Posted?

It’s tough to say exactly when the new job board will be posted, if it’s posted at all. However, I am going to speculate that Facebook will want to get this feature up and running by the fall. Right now, there’s no real job board on Facebook, but setting this up wouldn’t be too difficult or too much of a stretch for the social network. If Facebook were to set up a job board, would you use it? Would you pay to use the job board if Facebook were to charge a minimal amount?

Let me know in the comments what you think of Facebook’s latest upcoming feature. On the one hand, a job board makes sense. On the other hand, Facebook could drive current users even farther away if the social network decides to make users pay for job board usage.