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  • Facebook’s NYE Midnight Message App
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You know you shouldn’t do it. But, it happens every year.

With a drink in one hand, your phone in the other, and the clock in Times Square about to strike midnight, your tricky fingers will, inevitably, find their way to a keypad.

From there, you’re likely to send a text or other message to someone close to you, someone you barely know, or someone who just happens to be on your mind.

Most of the time, those midnight NYE messages are best left unsent.

If you must send a message on NYE, though, consider the new Facebook Midnight Messages app. Facebook has just launched this app, and it might be the exact thing that you’re looking for. What is Facebook’s Midnight Messages app all about? Take a look (a good look) at the details listed here before you tap that “send” button.

Signing Into the App

You’ll find Facebook’s new Midnight Message service on the Facebook Stories page. When you click on the app, make sure to read through all of those privacy settings first (you don’t want the app posting on your behalf or reading through all of your personal details, so make sure to uncheck the appropriate boxes).

From there, you will be brought to a page that leaves a space for your special Midnight Message. You can also attach a photograph to the message, and the message can be sent to one or more people simultaneously. Simply choose who you wan to send the message to.

Once you’ve set up your Midnight Message, Facebook will store this information for you. Then, when the clock strikes midnight tonight, your message will be sent. I recommend that you write that message now, without champagne in-hand, review it, attach appropriate photos (read: nothing that will embarrass you later on!), and let Facebook handle sending out those NYE greetings – this way, at least, you don’t have to worry about sending out a text that you’ll later regret.

Glitches Worked Out

If you’ve recently heard that the Midnight Messages app has a few glitches, you’ll be happy to know that Facebook has worked out this problem. Just a few days ago, the app was susceptible to public viewing, but this bug is no longer an issue, so you can send your Midnight Messages with ease.

What do you think? Will you be pre-writing a NYE message to send out to your Facebook friends this evening? At the time of this writing, you still have plenty of hours before that clock strikes midnight, so there’s no excuse for a text gone wrong!

Would you rather just send a regular text and skip Facebook? Do you have some friends who protest the social network and can’t be reached via Facebook? Well, here’s a quick tip: you don’t need Facebook to write a NYE greeting. Just write out your greeting now, set it all up, and hit that “send” button when the time is right – only, don’t change that text at the last minute when you’re hit with sudden nostalgia!