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  • Facebook Mobile Ads: Coming to Your Smartphone
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Really, it was only a matter of time before Facebook jumped on the mobile advertising bandwagon. Mobile advertising will, no doubt, take off this year, and Facebook can’t afford to miss this boat. So, as assumed, the company will start advertising via mobile in the months to come. What does this mean for anyone who uses a Facebook mobile app? Simply put, you will begin to see some advertisements peeking through that Facebook faГ§ade soon enough.

If you use a Facebook app with your Android phone, tablet, iPhone or iPad, you can expect to see sponsored Facebook ads pop up mid-stream. The exact placement of these ads is unknown at the time being, but Facebook has arranged an event for advertisers to take place in NYC on Feb. 29. No doubt the company will unveil its mobile advertising plan at this event, but will Facebook lose some fans in the process?

Are Fans Overloaded With Ads?

Facebook execs announced awhile ago that Facebook users would soon see sponsored ads show up in timelines. To date, this type of advertising hasn’t surfaced, but that doesn’t mean that the social network giant has forgotten all about the in-timeline ads. Instead, Facebook still plans to add sponsored links to timelines, it’s just, well, a matter of time before it happens. Now that Facebook has announced similar mobile app advertising plans, one has to wonder if Facebook is placing too much importance on investors and advertisers and not enough importance on the one group of people who make Facebook tick: users.

Facebook seems to be overly confident that users will keep flocking to the social network regardless of obvious marketing ploys and changes. This is a type of confidence that’s dangerous to play around with. If consumers get too fed up of the constant marketing barrage, Facebook might eventually lose out to other social networks (namely, Google). It’s not too far-fetched to think that Google may eventually win the social media fight by default if Facebook successfully annoys users with too many ads.

The Mobile Ad Set Up

According to the popular tech blog, Mashable, Facebook will find a way to entice marketers to add in-app ads. Essentially, when a user clicks on an advertisement, that user will not be sent to an external site. Instead, users will be able to open up any kind of ad inside of the Facebook app. This may prevent some aggravation, but there are other ways that Facebook can successfully market to advertisers without actually annoying users.

One of those ways is to provide users with customized ads. For example, if you like to run, Facebook might be able to pick up on this habit and then offer ads that pertain to running (by Nike and other sports-centered companies, for example). Who knows, if Facebook goes the targeted market route, the company may even succeed in providing users with useful advertisements – now, wouldn’t that be something? For now, you’ll have to sit tight and see what Facebook comes up with marketing-wise, but you can certainly expect your current Facebook app to change in the near future (if you upgrade, that is).