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  • Your Phone Number on Facebook: Security At Risk
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Facebook security is something of an illusion. Presumably, making sure that your profile is private means that your personal information is secure. But, that’s not exactly the truth. Remember when you signed up for a Facebook account? Think back to that day. While filling our your personal details, you likely provided Facebook with an address, phone number, and additional information about your private life. You can’t create a Facebook account without giving up these details. Well, your phone number is still part of your Facebook account. Not surprised? That’s not the surprising part.

The reason why Facebook security is being questioned, again, is that anyone can look up your phone number using Facebook search. If your phone number is matched with a searched number, the person looking for information about you can easily find you. Sure, you have to accept a friend request before that person can connect with you, but there’s a bigger issue at play here. If someone can look up your phone number, that same someone can see your name, where you live, and other personal details that define you (pretty much anything that’s listed on your Facebook profile page).

A Big Security Problem

As you might have guessed, the reverse phone number looking function that’s part of Facebook is a big problem. It means that telemarketers, bill collectors, and angry ex’s can now find out all about you – and all a person needs is your phone number. Think that your current Facebook privacy settings protect you? Did you click the box that’s supposed to prevent other people from seeing your phone number? Well, those people can still type your number into the Facebook search bar. In just a few minutes, that person can reach your Facebook page. From there, the privacy problems begin.

Who would want your name and phone number? Nearly every advertiser on the planet. A long list of people’s names matched with a person’s phone number is exactly what marketers want. This way, they can send you personalized mail, email, and call you at home. If you have lots of visible information on your profile, that person can even find out where you live and work. Is this starting to sound stalker-like? Well, that’s another concern. So, what can you do about this reverse phone number lookup?

Changing Your Privacy Settings

Would you like to know how you can make your phone number invisible for good – no matter who searches for it? The good news is that it’s relatively easy. The bad news is that you’ll have to spend a few minutes working on your privacy settings. Just head to your Facebook profile, click on the Privacy Settings option, and check out the “How You Connect” section. There, you will see how you connect with others.

Change the “everyone” option to not visible, or create a select group of people who can see your phone number. Making sure that your private information is actually private is easy enough, but you have to know about it in order to change it. Facebook has told press that the reverse phone number search is part of the system, and its up to users to change privacy settings.