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  • Update: Choose Facebook Privacy Settings From Your iPhone
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I've often stopped myself from sharing photos on Facebook from my iPhone for one reason: I can't change the privacy settings from my phone. If there's a picture I don't want certain people to see, I'm simply out of luck if I accidentally post that picture. Finally, this glitch has been fixed.

Facebook has just patched its iOS app to allow users to change privacy settings from an iPhone. Android users already have this option. The update comes with iOS version 6.2, and it's a feature that iOS users have been waiting for. Want to change privacy settings? Here's how to make sure your shared Facebook photos stay private.

Changing Privacy Settings From iPhone

Next to any photograph or status update that you are about to post, you will see a small drop down box in the form of a globe (or the 'public post' icon). If you tap on this icon, the usual privacy options will appear. From there, you can decide who can and can't see your update. You can't update comments still, but this small fix is a step in the right direction.

There's an added bonus to iOS version 6.2 too. You know those feeling statuses that you've come to know on Facebook? Things like Sad, Happy, Loved, and Wonderful? Well, you can access all of those emotions through the new iOS Facebook app too. All of this is great news.

Why Android Got It First

I'm not going to touch the Android/iPhone debate with a ten foot pole. But, Android did get this update first. Does it matter? Not really. Now, both Android and iOS users can update statuses and photographs shared from a smartphone on Facebook. If you've ever been stuck in another city or country after publicly posting a private photo, you understand just how important this new update is. It will, in fact, make your life happier. What about the other platforms out there? Well, there's nothing for you yet.

Will the same updates come to other platforms? It's hard to say. But, I have learned this morning (slightly off topic) that a Messenger for iPad app is not in development and will not be arriving any time soon. Sorry, iPad fans, you don't get a messenger app for Facebook just yet. There is one more thing to look forward to though.

An Odd Feature

In addition to smiley faces and privacy settings, the new iOS 6.2 Facebook app now lets you start a brand new conversation using any photo that has been sent to you. I'm not sure who will get the most use out of this feature, but it exists all the same. Would you use it?

There you have it, folks. Now you can update your Facebook privacy status directly from your iPhone (and Android phone) without concern or worry about who will see what you've just posted. For the truly paranoid, this is an amazing feature to have - and it's one that is long overdue! Check it out now if you've updated your phone to iOS 6.2.