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  • Facebook Purchases Move App
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The latest tech trend is fitness and fitness devices. So, it’s no wonder, really, that Facebook is trying to get in on this trend. The company has just purchased the “Moves” activity tracking app, in the hopes that you’ll keep using the app, or start using it if you don’t already.

Moves has been downloaded around 4 million times on both Android and iOS, and the app proves to be immensely popular. Perhaps that’s why Facebook has purchased the company that built Moves, ProtoGeo. If you haven’t used this app yet, here’s what you can expect.

The Moves App

There is more than a handful (or five handfuls) of activity tracking apps, trackers, and other fitness devices on the market. But, Moves is a bit different than all the rest of the apps. This app quietly runs in the background when downloaded to an Android or iPhone. From there, it simply tracks the “moves” that a person makes throughout the day. Moves tracks walking, running, and other activities, and it also records the location of users as the day progresses. Users like the Move app, since it doesn’t require any actual manual inputting on the user’s part (like other fitness and nutrition apps).

Facebook’s main goal in purchasing this app is to make money, of course, but to also spread its services across more platforms. As the actual Facebook social network continues to dwindle, the company at a whole has to spread itself out to reach more people than just the social network reaches. Moving into the fitness market is a good play for Facebook, since this app already has millions of users. The move (pun intended) is similar to the one that Facebook made when the company purchased Instagram. But, the purchase also has some users worried.

Concerns Mount

Typically, people don’t love the fact that Facebook likes to tap into user details like locations and other bits of data. So, when Facebook purchases a company that builds an app like Moves, an app that tracks user location and data, users of the app are far less likely to keep using the app. This is what happened when Facebook purchased Instagram – Instagram usage slowed drastically, simply because people do not want Facebook to have or use personal details. Why is Facebook such a big bad monster? The company has been known to track data, use that data to produce ads, and follow users wherever they go. All of this makes a lot of people very uncomfortable.

People just don’t like Facebook as a company. This may mean that many users stop using Move and look for another fitness app options now that Facebook has purchased the app development company. Facebook might be smarter to quietly purchase companies such as this one, and continue to use the name of the company that was purchased. This way, at least, people may not stop using an app just because Facebook’s name is attached to it.

If you use the Move app, will you still use it now that Facebook is behind the app?