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  • Facebook Creates Secret Chat Option
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Facebook has tried before to create SnapChat style messages that are secret and encrypted. The social network never really succeeded at these types of messages, but that doesn’t mean that Facebook won’t try again.

In fact, a new SnapChat type message option has sprung up on the network. This time around, Facebook is doing some things a bit differently.

Less Flow

Right now, Facebook Messenger users can start a message on mobile and then move to desktop in order to continue that message. With the new Facebook SnapChat style chats, this will not be possible. Anyone starting a message with the new chat can only continue that message on the original device (so if that’s mobile the conversation has to stay in mobile).

But there’s another factor here too - messages started with the new messenger option disappear after a while. Facebook has noted that anyone wanting to begin a message with the new secret option has to opt-in to do so. This means that both parties have to agree to the new secret messenger conversation.

The Trial

Facebook is trying to cash in on the popularity of SnapChat. SnapChat allows users to send messages that virtually disappear after a few minutes. Currently, all messages sent through Facebook are stored in the Facebook system unless they are deleted - and all messages that are sent through Facebook right now can be seen by Facebook. This will not be the case with the new messenger system.

If you want to send a message to someone through the new messenger platform in secret, you can do this simply with the new Facebook option. Facebook will not have access to the message that you send with the new secret messenger, so you can rest assured that your messages will not be seen.


Facebook has dealt with some criticism before because messages sent through Facebook are stored and can be read by the company and governments. With the new secret messenger option, those messages cannot be stored or red, which means that people might use the new system to send various types of messages that governments cannot have access to. For obvious reasons, this is causing some criticism with various government agencies.

The new secret conversations do not support video and other types of text. Facebook has tried three times to launch a secret conversation chat option. The company tried to acquire SnapChat a few years ago but was turned down. Ever since that attempted acquisition, Facebook has been trying to create something like what SnapChat has - since SnapChat is so wildly popular. SnapChat is still going strong with more and more secret messages being sent every day.

Facebook has tried multiple times to copy what SnapChat has to no avail. While unlikely, it’s possible that this time around Facebook might just lure some of the SnapChat crowd, but Facebook will not likely take over SnapChat completely. If you want to check out Facebook’s new feature, you should be able to see the secret chat option currently in your messenger app.