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  • Facebook's New Snapchat-Like Feature
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Instagram made a huge splash on the technology scene when the photo app company added Stories to its user features. Now Instagram’s parent company, Facebook, is trying the same thing.

This week, Facebook tested another Stories feature with the social network’s messenger service.

Messenger Day

This time around, Facebook’s Snapchat copy is called Messenger Day. The company rolled out the feature in Poland this week. Snapchat isn’t as popular in Poland as it is in North America, so Facebook may have seen an opportunity to try a Stories-like feature in a country where that market is not already saturated.

Messenger Day works with Facebook Messenger and it’s something like Snapchat’s Stories. Messenger Day allows people to send small video and image clips that disappear after a few minutes. Yes, Messenger Day also allows users to add filters and other fun bits to messages.

Adding Fun Bits

Messenger Day allows users to add fun writing and other details to images and videos, but Facebook hasn’t yet added any filters for faces. It seems like the company would be working on setting up those filters, though. Facebook in general is popular in Poland and Facebook Messenger is particularly popular.

So it makes sense that Facebook would add to its current Messenger app and test it all in Poland where the social network is immensely popular. Messenger Day works just like Instagram and Snapchat with users stories featured first at the top of the app and user friend stories listed after that.

Naming of the Features

While it makes sense that Facebook might call this new feature Messenger Day (after someone’s day), it seems like a bad name for this feature. Then again, Snapchat was already taken. I have to think, too, that Facebook should attempt to come up with something else if the company wants to keep Messenger as popular as it currently is.

If the company does bring Messenger Day to North America after this initial testing, users might just not go for the new Facebook messenger feature at all. After a while, all things Snapchat (and now Instagram) will be somewhat played out. There are only so many messenger apps that people can play around with that emulate Snapchat. After that, it just gets old. Or does it?


There’s always the possibility that people will expect all messenger services and apps to have the same features - this way, users can relay messages the same way across the board. So this might be what Facebook is banking on.

News from testing in Poland hasn’t come in yet, but Facebook is optimistic about it all stating that the company is testing some new features and is excited about the potential of those features. If you like to use Facebook Messenger you may find this new feature set interesting. If not, it probably won’t reach North America for a few months anyway.

By that time, though, we all might just be a bit sick of all those Snapchat features - and Snapchat is working on something entirely different.