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  • Facebook's Sticker Store: New!
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Facebook is feeling the pressure. As more and more people leave the social network, the company is trying desperately to hang onto users. The latest way that Facebook is working on keeping you around is by introducing something called the 'Sticker Store.'

As you might have guessed by the name of the store, the Sticker Store is stocked with stickers - but not the kind that can be stuck to your car or laptop. Facebook's stickers are more like Emojis. You can use these stickers while sending Facebook messages, and they are a lot of fun. But, are they enough to save Facebook?

Using Facebook Messenger Emojis

Want to test out the Sticker Store? Right now, every sticker pack in the store is free (this might change), so you can use the Facebook stickers to your heart's content. What kinds of stickers will you find? Mostly animal cartoons, food cartoons, and character cartoons. How can you use them?

When using Facebook web messenger (available via smartphone messenger app too), click on the small smiley face at the righthand bottom side of the messenger screen (the blank text area). From there, click on the small shopping cart icon. You will then be brought to the Sticker Store. At this point, you can choose from the array of sticker packs that you see. As mentioned, all of these sticker collections are free right now.

A Future Revenue Source?

Even though the Facebook Sticker Store is free to use right now, this might not be the case in the future. It's relatively clear to see that Facebook plans to ask users for small fees in exchange for sticker packs (this seems logical anyway). When (or if) this will happen has yet to be announced, but it does make good sense.

The only problem with the Sticker Store is that some Facebook users might not see any value in purchasing or using stickers. Sure, stickers are fun, but are they actually worth purchasing? Well, that depends. Have you purchased an Emoji or Emoticon pack for your phone's messaging system? If you like cartoons and sending out stickers, you'll probably love what Facebook has created.

A Last Idea

Interestingly enough, the Facebook Sticker Store was created by a developer that's no longer with the social network. In fact, creating the stickers was Sophie Xie's last project as a Facebook employee. Xie has since moved on to another company.

Is Facebook quickly fading? If you look at your news feed, chances are that your feed isn't quite as packed as it used to be. You may even discover that many of your friends have moved to other networks like Google Plus, or are just tired of baby photos and other nonsense that Facebook users post.

For now, Facebook is here to stay, but I'm going to bet that this network fades out over the next year or so. For now, though, you can check out Facebook's Sticker Store just by sending someone a Facebook Messenger message.