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  • Facebook's New TV Show Lineup
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What comes after Netflix and Amazon? Facebook, of course. Reuters reports today that Facebook is in talks with Hollywood Studios to produce original television shows. The social media company has already created two shows and is planning on an additional lineup. Facebook hasn’t said much about the new shows, but here’s what is known so far.

A Traditional Approach

Facebook has told press that the company will release episodes of the new shows instead of bulk episodes like Netflix and Amazon have been doing. The shows that have already been created include a game show (‘Last State Standing’) and a drama focused on relationships called ‘Strangers.’

Facebook is not the only tech company that has been working on television shows. Apple has recently hired co-presidents of Sony Television to produce a few shows that the company has been working on. Both Facebook and Apple have noted the success that Netflix and Amazon are enjoying, which is why the two companies have decided to follow the same path.

Large Budget

Facebook plans to spend around three million per episode. That’s more than most networks spend, but it’s right in line with what Netflix spends. Clearly, Facebook will be in direct competition with Netflix. You will be able to access Facebook programming by late summer, sources note.

In case you’ve wondered recently why regular television networks just aren’t producing great content, it might have something to do with the budgets that Amazon, Netflix, and Facebook are putting up. These companies are effectively swallowing up the best writers and actors in the industry, which doesn’t leave much for network TV.

Will These Companies Kill Network Shows?

Will the Facebooks and Netflixes and Amazons of the world kill cable TV for good? It’s starting to look that way. These companies are taking over the viewing market in a broad way. Fewer people are watching network television channels and cable TV shows while shows on Netflix and Amazon are booming.

The question now is whether or not Facebook will be able to grab a slice of the popular pie. To compete with Netflix and Amazon, Facebook has to put out some pretty great content. Facebook is also going into this battle the traditional way by releasing one episode at a time, which can be seen as risky - most viewers now want to binge watch entire seasons.

Confidence in Check

Facebook is clearly confident that the shows the company produces will be hits. We will all find out later this summer when Facebook releases the shows it has been working on. Presumably you’ll be able to watch the shows from your desktop with Facebook open or through the Facebook app on your Smart TV.

Facebook will have to add some additional shows to its lineup in order to compete with Netflix and Amazon, but this is all the news that we have about the new shows for now. More information is expected to surface in the months to come with the release dates seeming to be sometime in August or September.