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  • Facebook and Uber Team Up
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Uber has gained a lot of attention since the startup first launched its ridesharing app. Some of that attention was the good kind, and some was definitely the bad kind.

The type of attention that Uber is about to get is the good sort - especially if you are a Facebook Messenger type. Facebook and Uber have teamed up to bring you a simpler way to grab an Uber ride - straight through your Facebook Messenger app.

Uber Through Facebook

Both Uber and Facebook wanted to make it simpler to grab an Uber cab, so the two companies have hooked up to bring you Transportation on Messenger -- well, this portion of the Facebook Messenger app will really be all about Facebook and ride sharing apps, but Uber is the first company to take the app for a spin.

Using the new Transportation on Messenger button (right inside of your Messenger app), you can call an Uber taxi. You don’t have to leave your current conversation or open up a new app. All you have to do is hit the transportation button and you can have Uber at your doorstep - quite literally. The new Uber and Facebook Messenger partnership will launch in the USA today.

Rivals Coming

Even though Facebook have given Uber a step up when it comes to rival rideshare apps, Facebook is also going to partner with Lyft soon. Lyfit is an Uber rival, and it’s another rideshare option that Facebook Messenger users will soon have. Lyft rides will be available in the same way that Uber rides currently are - just pick Lyft, and someone will come and pick you up.

Facebook is hoping that its Messenger service will continue to pick up speed even though the site itself has started to slow down where user engagement is concerned. The company seems to think that allowing people to get rides through the app will help to boost Facebook Messenger engagement, but that may or may not actually be the case.

Is Messenger Needed?

If you already use Uber or Lyft, there’s a good chance that you have either or both of these apps already on your phone. You may or may not have Facebook Messenger on your phone, however. So would you be likely to download the Facebook Messenger app just to use Lyft or Uber if you do not currently have Messenger? Maybe not. Then again, if you do use Messenger all the time, you may find it simpler just to hail a car through the app.

So while many people might not sign up for Messenger just to use Lyft or Uber, those same people might actually use Uber or Lyft if they already use Messenger. It will be interesting to see whether or not Facebook managers to gain additional users with the inclusion of Uber - give it a test if you have Messenger and you live in the US and need a ride.

You never know, you may just have found the missing piece of the puzzle when it comes to getting an Uber ride - and now you don’t have to leave your Messenger app to call an Uber driver. Doesn’t that sound great?