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If you like to take selfies, there’s an app that you might have to have. This app is called FaceTune 2, and it’s a revamp of the earlier FaceTune. T

he original FaceTune lets users change their appearance in a number of different ways, but this version takes it to the next level. Here’s what you can get with the new FaceTune 2 - and how much you’ll have to pay to get it.

FaceTune 2 Options

Maybe you think your nose is too big. Or maybe you think that your cheeks could be slimmer or more angled. Maybe you’d love to see what you would look like under some serious studio lighting or with the right kind of dermatologist creams on your side. FaceTune 2 does all of this. It’s like having a virtual cosmetic surgeon at your fingertips - but this one comes in the form of an app.

As soon as you snap a selfie, the app suggests changes to your appearance. Unlike the PhoShopping days of old, you don’t have to awkwardly draw a line around the various parts of your face that you want to change. FaceTune 2 does all of this for you. So there’s no need to attempt mess around with lighting and blemish removers.

Not For Free

FaceTune 2 is available in the app store starting next week, but you won’t get this app for free. At the start, you can download the app for free and you’ll get some basic features, but to unlock the real potential of the app and all the ways that it can change your appearance you’ll have to pay for some features. The way that this app works is that users will have to pay per in-app purchase.

So let’s say that you want a windblown look in your hair. You might have to purchase that effect. Or if you want to look lighter and brighter, you may need to purchase that feature too. This a la carte option might cost you a lot, so that’s why the makers of this app are also offering a monthly fee. For around $4 per one month, $15 per 6 months, or $20 for a yearly subscription, you’ll be able to unlock all of the necessary features and just enjoy the app as you like.

Subscribing to a Selfie App

The thought of spending $20 per year for a selfie app might seem kind of ridiculous to some people. But those people that spend a lot of time choosing the best selfies to post on an app like Instagram or put up on a dating profile might want to fork over the cash. When you think about it, it’s not more expensive or silly than purchasing a fitness app at a yearly or monthly fee. Both of those app types are focused on personal appearance (even some personal shopping apps).

If you feel like you need a selfie app that will help you look like you’ve been photographed in a studio by professional makeup and camera people, this is the app for you. Just remember that to unlock all the features you’ll have to pay a bit extra. The app does make a difference to user appearances, so be prepared to look extremely different when you do use the app. Of course, you can use the app to mess with your looks too (which is kind of fun), but that’s not what this app was built or intended for.