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  • China Wants a Slice of the Apple Pie
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Sometimes technical news is bizarre. Okay, this happens more often than one would like to admit. In any case, a recent news story has hit all the major news wires, and this story is hard to ignore.

Seemingly, a number of fake Apple stores have popped up across China. That’s right, fake Apple stores.
So, just how fake are these copycat Apple stores? Everything from the bright white lighting to the employees wearing Apple nametags is fake.

Interestingly, all of the Apple products being sold inside of these stores are real – though they aren’t products that have been provided by Apple.

Why People Copy Apple

Why would anyone want to replicate an Apple store? Aside from the fact that getting consumers to believe they are buying products from a real Apple store in order to make a large profit, manufacturers from all over the world have been replicating Apple products for decades. Apple is currently involved in a lawsuit with Samsung for this very practice.

But it’s not just large companies like Samsung that want a piece of the Apple pie. Smalltime Chinese manufacturers who have figured out a way to copy popular Apple devices make a decent living from selling these false goods. The fake Chinese Apple stores are a bit different from those manufacturers who are replicating Apple goods. The stores are, after all, selling real Apple products.

Real Apple Products, Fake Store

At the time of this writing, Apple has not commented on the fake Apple store news. Presumably, Apple wants to settle this problem without causing too much of a stir. No doubt that the stores will be shut down, but some wonder if this is really possible. According to reports, China isn’t the only country experiencing a smattering of fake Apple stores.

Tourists who visit Ecuador are reporting seeing fake Apple stores. If you’ve seen the real thing, distinguishing a fake Apple store from a real Apple store is a bit easier, but not too easy. Anyone who has taken the time and spent the money to build an Apple store has also paid attention to details. From signs to staircases, these stores look like the real thing inside and out.

How to Find a Real Apple Store

If you happen to live in China or Ecuador, and you want to buy products from a real Apple store, there is a way to find out where real Apple stores are located in your town. Simply visit the Apple website, and look at the store location information. You will quickly see which Apple stores are real and which ones just look like the real thing.

There’s another reason why you should look for a true Apple store. Products that are sold falsely may not be covered under an Apple warranty. There’s no telling where these products came from, whether or not they’ve been refurbished, and whether or not they come with guarantees.

It seems as though Apple may have its hands full with consumers who believed that they were purchasing real Apple products. For now, the stores remain intact, though many predict that Apple will soon be stepping in to take care of the matter.