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  • Famicom’s New Retro Game Controller for Wii
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If you spent a lot of time playing old school Nintendo games during the 1990s, you will love the new Famicom retro Wii controller. This controller looks just like that old Nintendo controller (the one with the rounded sides) that made Nintendo so popular so long ago. Only, this controller has been manufactured just for the Wii and it doesn’t have to be plugged into your Wii in order to use it (otherwise, that would kind of defeat the purpose of the Wii, right?).

The Famicom controller retails for just $20 and it is a must-have controller if you play any of Nintendo’s retro games using your Wii console. Famicom’s controller has been on the Japanese market for some time and the gaming company is enjoying a lot of success in Japan thanks to this retro offering. This, in turn, brings up the question: why has Nintendo done away with the comfortable gaming controller and made with for something much bulkier? But, before we jump into that question, let’s get down to the details of this new controller starting with its shape.

The Old Familiar Shape and Size

Just in case you didn’t spend your days during the 1990s in some dark basement playing Nintendo games, here’s a quick rundown of what you can expect from the Famicom remote – if you do remember this remote well, take a walk down memory lane for a moment… To start, the controller is a nice grey color and includes green, blue, yellow, and red buttons on the right side of the device. To the left sits the iconic “plus sign” design that allows users to control the movements of game characters. In the middle of the controller are two diagonal buttons that allow users to “start” or “select games.”

The design of the controller is nothing like the uncomfortable and un-ergonomic Wii remote that you’ll find today. Instead, this remote comes with rounded edges (instead of rough square edges) that sit comfortably in your hands (you’ll want to put both paws on this puppy to get the best grip). In short, the design of the Famicom controller is every bit the same as Nintendo’s 1990’s version.

How the Famicom Remote Connects and Works

So, how does the Famicom controller work with the current Nintendo Wii? If you can recall, those old controllers had to be directly plugged into a gaming console. In order to keep up with the times, the new Famicom controller simply attaches to your current Wii controller, so there are no extra wires present that you’ll have to dodge or trip over while playing.

While there’s no better way to play a retro Nintendo game than with the new Famicom controller, this controller doesn’t work so well with newer Wii games. Otherwise, the Famicom retro controller (called the “Classic Super Famicom Controller”) is the one and only Wii controller you’ll want to have in your hands when you’re playing a classic Nintendo game. So, why hasn’t Nintendo made a current Wii remote that’s as comfortable as this retro one? Seemingly, Nintendo has just forgotten its roots, but the company might be reminded of ergonomic superiority after Famicom’s sales skyrocket within the North American market.