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From professional fashion design software to software that has been developed for everyday use, fashion programs can do it all. Create alternate hairstyles, try on makeup, and design your own clothing line by selecting the right fashion program.

Whether you are a pro or someone who needs a bit of help selecting hair and makeup styles, fashion software comes in all shapes and prices. Some professional programs that have all the latest tools can cost you more than $300, while other programs are less than $20. Look for a program that suits your needs best by reading reviews and minding steep learning curves.

Virtual Fashion Professional -- $300+

If you’re serious about fashion, Virtual Fashion Professional is one of the best programs on the market. The upside to this program is that it covers all professional fashion bases. Users can create custom designs, see designs on models posing in a number of different ways, and select various models based upon eye color, hair color, and other aesthetics. The downside to Virtual Fashion Professional is that this program is very large. If you don’t mind the high price tag or the system slowdown, this software is an excellent way to jump-start your fashion design career.

Hair Master -- $20+

Selecting and creating hair styles can be tricky. Hair Master aims to make this process easier for both professional and amateur stylists. A handy wizard will take you through the entire program while an interactive interface makes it simple to customize this software. If you choose Hair Master, you will be able to create makeup and hair styles, and you can also upload your own photo in order to try out new looks. Hair Master does come with a number of preloadeded photo templates as well. Accessorizing a new look is also possible with Hair Master.

Virtual Fashion MakeUp -- $25+

Reyes Infografica developed Virtual Fashion MakeUp to help guide you through complicated makeup steps. The program includes a virtual makeup kit that includes a professional color and tool kit, different faces to practice on, and a number of guidance tools. You can create different makeup looks and learn how to apply makeup by using Virtual Fashion MakeUp’s handy tutorial. At twenty-five dollars (at the time of this writing), Virtual Fashion MakeUp is a useful tool that many who enjoy makeup application will find useful and innovative.

Hair Stylist -- $9+

Hair Stylist is similar to Hair Master only this program is a lot less expensive. In addition, Hair Stylist allows you to try different hair style without actually taking a trip to the salon. The Hair Stylist interface is simple and straightforward, which makes this program a cinch to use. Helpful icons that contain lots of program information make the Hair Stylist process easier. You can import your own photo, and select a hairstyle from the main templates that come with Hair Stylist. You can even add accessories and facial hair to a virtual model. While not designed for professional use, Hair Stylist is practical and fun to use.