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  • The Favi Streaming Stick
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The SmartStick by Favi eliminates the need for a Smart TV. The SmartStick is a streaming stick packed with streaming TV and movie services. Simply plug the stick into your current TV, and you will have access to streaming content. If this sounds like a great idea, that’s because it is. Favi has managed to find a problem with streaming services. That problem is that these services, along with Smart TVs, are simply too expensive. Instead of forking over a ton of cash for a new Smart TV, the Favi only costs $50 per stick. Even better, you can purchase more than one stick, so that every TV in your home is hooked up with streaming content.

How the Favi SmartStick Works

Favi runs on Android’s Jelly Bean OS, and it comes with plenty of streaming support. Already, Favi supports Netflix, YouTube, Pandora, Hulu, and Epix. So, if you have a subscription to any of these services, you can access that subscription using the Favi stick. But, the SmartStick goes one step beyond supporting major subscription-based streaming services. SmartStick also makes it possible to stream media from your computer through the Favi MediaSHARE app.

SmartStick users will also have access to Google Play’s store, and it comes with a complete Internet browser. The SmartStick has 4GB of memory too. Favi has clearly put a lot of thought into the SmartStick. That thought has largely paid off. The Favi SmartStick appears to be a simple solution to the “should I buy a Smart TV?” problem. Favi’s SmartStick enters that market alongside the Roku Streaming Stick ($100). As you can see, the Favi SmartStick price is fairly difficult to beat -- $50 less than what Roku is offering.

Favi Accessories Available Too

In case Favi’s SmartStick isn’t enough, you can purchase an optional touchpad mouse and wireless keyboard for $39.99. Favi is keeping prices down across the board when it comes to its products, and that’s something that consumers are certain to appreciate. The wireless keyboard and touchpad mouse will make it easier to surf the Internet while looking for apps and conducting general searches.

However, these accessories are not necessary, which is why Favi offers them as option selections. How can you control the device without the wireless keyboard? Favi lists an infrared remote on its website. This remote will come with the SmartStick. It also seems safe to assume that the SmartStick will be compatible with other Android devices, though this is not an announcement that Favi has made.

At $50, there’s no doubt that Favi will gain a lot of pre-orders. You can pre-order the Favi SmartStick right now through the Favi website for a release date of October 30th. Or, you can wait for the Favi SmartStick to officially hit the market at the beginning of November. There are a lot of new and innovative devices coming out at the end of October and into early November. My advice is to wait and see how the Favi SmartStick compares to other streaming sticks (like the Roku Streaming Stick). Favi just may take the world by storm with this one.