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  • App to Help With Surprise FBI Visits
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There comes a time in every hedge fund manager’s life when the FBI comes knocking. Maybe not every hedge fund manager’s life, but in many lives, that is. FBI agents are trained to solicit answers from people they need to get answers from. Hedge fund managers are not trained to work with FBI agents.

Further, most hedge fund managers (and people in general) do not know their own rights. In many cases, FBI agents have cornered these managers and asked them questions that the managers did not need to answer - but because of the looming threat of the FBI (and the fact that many people do not know their rights, as stated), answers were given.

Well, a New York attorney has found a way to put a stop to these incidents. Steven Feldman has worked with his law firm to create the ‘Murphy & McGonigle Surprise Law Enforcement Response App.’ This app might be one that you’ll want to download - even if you aren’t a hedge fund manager.

How the App Works

The Law Enforcement app that was created by Steven Feldman and team lets people know how to handle a surprise FBI visit. The app includes details like what to say, how to say it, and how to assert your rights in a nice but forceful manner. There are many other details included in the app too, and many of those details aren’t something that most people know without consulting a lawyer.

The app is currently on iOS and it’s already getting quite a few views and downloads. One interesting feature of the app is the ‘surprise interview’ feature. This feature includes a possible surprise interview and what might be asked, brings users through the process, and then points out places where the user went wrong or what should or could be said instead. It’s a crash course in how to deal with the FBI.

Good Timing

Lately there have been more calls for companies and employees to divulge information than almost any other time before. So it makes sense that a company might want all of its employees to take a crash course in how to deal with the FBI. FBI agents do not call ahead - most of these visits are of the surprise sort, and that often means that employees (and even CEOs) are caught off-guard.

Attempting to train employees how to handle surprise visits from the FBI through working with company lawyers on an individual or even group basis would be costly - but maybe it’s not such a bad idea. It’s also one that this app might spark. I wouldn’t be surprised if companies start to have major sit downs with employees and corporate lawyers all in the name of learning how to deal with government visits.

The app is currently available through the iOS store. There’s no talk of Android right now. However, this app might just be one of the more popular tech apps right now. So far, the app only has 90 downloads, but the number of views that the app has had has been very high. The app is free. Further legal advice is not free.