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  • Feedly RSS

RSS readers have become an invaluable resource over the last few years because they enable any computer user to quickly and easily follow the online content that they want to read without the hassle of going back to a website or blog to check for updates. Following every RSS feed that interests you can be a pain.

Thanks to Feedly, any person who uses Google Chrome can view the most recent updates from their friends and followers in a magazine style format. This program works well with Google reader, Amazon, YouTube, Delicious and many more websites that make it simple to always have the latest updates and information that you need at your fingertips.

Great Source For Learning New Content

Besides tracking all of the current feeds that you’re interested in following, Feedly also recommends content that might interest you. It’s kind of like having a cool magazine that’s run by someone who produces it specifically for you.

What you will love most of all about Feedly is that the content is all filtered in one place for simple, easy reading so you will never miss out on content that you’re following or might be interested in following ever again.

For all of the Google features and extensions to work properly you have to have a Google account. The set up wizard is very easy to use and self-explanatory so any user from a complete novice or expert won’t have any problems setting up and using this service.

Easy To Organize

Once you have Feedly up and running you can easily organize your feeds in the manner that you want them displayed plus you can also track pictures, lists and then share your content anytime you want with friends or family thanks to Feedly’s easy to use sharing services.

To view your content in Feedly just click on the preview button and then a pop up will open that will show you a snap shot of the content before you go to the site to visit it.

What’s cool about Feedly is that it’s broken down into categories like: cover, what’s new, saved, category pages, explore, content and shared so there’s no question where you need to go to access your information.

Help And Support

This cool application does take a little time to get up and running, during the initial stages but there is plenty of help and support available from the Feedly community of users who love helping others and sharing success stories.

Feedly has over 62,000 active users, over 10,000 sources of positive feedback, a host of people on Facebook who love this service and over 3,000 В new installs every single week. This application also is compatible with the iPad, iPhone and other devices so you can access and read your favorite blogs and websites anywhere you go. Any internet user who wants to optimize the time that they spend online and quickly access their news and information should start using Feedly today to make better use of their time online and their overall day.