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  • Dropbox Has Made it Easier to Move Between Accounts
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Dropbox for Business users have been notified that the service will now let users switch from personal to business accounts without logging in and out of an account. Trying to juggle the two accounts was both tiring and confusing.

The company has cleared up that confusion by making the switch much simpler beginning on April 9th.

Dropbox’s New Business Focus

Why all the emphasis on Dropbox for Business? The company has told press that it plans to go public sooner rather than later. That means that Dropbox needs to prove to future investors that the company can attract big business, and that Dropbox can bring in some revenue.

The storage space is a crowded one, though. Google has just offered its storage users 1 Terabyte of space for $9.99 (down from nearly $50 previously).

To say that Dropbox has some competition is an understatement. Dropbox will have to face off with Google, and that’s not going to be easy to do. Then again, Dropbox is pretty much the default storage option for most people.

The company has already signed up aroud 4 million business users, and that number doesn’t include the individual users that take to Dropbox daily for file sharing purposes. Dropbox has also recently gained new funding, and that means that investors believe in this company.

All of this isn’t half bad for a company that launched in 2008. How did Dropbox gain so many users and so much press so quickly?

Dropbox’s Launch and Marketing Strategy

If you’re involved in a startup in any way, Dropbox provides a prime example of what to do. The first thing that Dropbox did, of course, was create an amazing product that everyone wants (that really helps). The second thing that Dropbox did was testing its landing pages, product, and get feedback from customers.

After that, the company spent some time building up word-of-mouth communication – if one user signed up a friend, that user received a discount on Dropbox’s service (the company still gives users free space for signing up additional people).

Everything that Dropbox accomplished happened without hiring a marketing firm or knowing much about marketing at all. The company simply had a solid product, let people know about it, and provided a reason for users to spread the word about the service to other people. Word of mouth has its benefits, and Dropbox is a clear example of this strategy. Now, Dropbox is the go-to storage option for most people, and it’s just going to get better.

More Features Coming

Soon, you will see additional features from Dropbox. The company is bound to release more desireable features ahead of its IPO. All of this happens in April, but you should have received a Dropbox notification if you are a business user.

Switching between your personal Dropbox account and your business account just got a whole lot simpler, and that’s something to be very happy about. The mark of a truly great company is one that keeps innovating! What do you love about Dropbox?