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Blogging appears to be such a simple thing. In fact, the premise of blogging is a simple thing. You post your thoughts and opinions on a blog, and the world pays attention. If you’re lucky, someone might even comment on a post or two. The problem is that most successful blogs aren’t popular due to sheer luck. Blogs that receive hundreds, or thousands, of hits per day tend to have very good blogging programs behind them.

Blogging software should include a way to post blogs quickly, insert keyword and other SEO tools, and provide a way for your fans to read all of your updates regularly. While there’s no shortage of blogging software out there, sorting the good from the bad is another story. Before you buy any blogging software, take the time to find a program that will really help your blog stand out.

An Intelligent Interface

All software should be user-friendly, but this is especially true with blogging software. Chances are that you want to start a blog right away. Therefore, taking days or weeks to figure out how a blogging program works is counterproductive. You’ll need to choose a blogging program that has a number of useful customization options and controls.

Not only are customization options essential, being able to access these options quickly is vital. To find out if a program has an interface you can live with, simply take a look at the interface before you purchase any program (most developers provide free demonstrations to potential buyers). If a program looks confusing, it probably is.


You definitely need a blogging program that makes it easy for you to post blogs. You also need a blogging program that allows other people to comment on your posts. Interaction is important when it comes to blogging. Believe it or not, there are some blogging programs that don’t provide a way for people to comment on your posts.

Finding a program that screens spam posts is a good idea too. Spam posts are empty posts filled with nonsense that you shouldn’t have to filter manually. Find out what kind of anti-spam protection a program has prior to purchasing any program.

RSS Feeds

If you subscribe to any blogs, you may know about RSS feeds. These handy little feeds make it simple for any reader to subscribe to your blog. As soon as you update your blog, readers who are following your blog will know about the new update right away saving them time and effort.

A blogging program that does not include a RSS feed set-up is not worth your money. Your readers will search for the telltale RSS symbol, so make sure that your blog has this function intact. Many blog software developers offer free trial periods that you should take advantage of. These trial periods will allow you to learn how to navigate a blog, find out what’s included in software, and discover whether or not certain software will work for you.