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  • Finding the Right Gaming System
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Gaming console manufacturers are constantly creating new games, updated consoles, and gaming accessories. Keeping up with these technology shifts takes a bit of patience. Yet, if you’re not concerned with buying the latest console available, it is possible to purchase a solid gaming system that will last for a number of years. This article will focus on the Nintendo Wii, Microsoft Xbox, and Sony PlayStation 3.

Budget Considerations

Defining your budget will help you select a gaming system. Systems begin around $200 and can reach more than $600. Basic gaming systems include the Nintendo Wii ($200); the Microsoft Xbox 360 ($300+); and the Sony PS3 ($199 +). PC options also exist, though this type of gaming is different than console gaming.

The Wii is ready to go right out of the box. Additional controllers and games can be purchased for the Wii, though the Wii does come with standard controls and at least one game. Purchasing an Xbox means that you will also have to purchase some additional games, and, possibly, a larger hard drive. As with Xbox, the PS3 requires additional controllers, an extra game or two, and, in some instances, a headset.

Age Considerations

Younger children and older adults are likely to find the Wii more appealing than the Xbox or PS3. Some adults and most teens tend to gravitate towards the Xbox, and many adults prefer the games that the PS3 has to offer. Even though these age guidelines will help with console selection, they should not be abided by stringently.

Many adults might enjoy the active games that Wii has to offer, while some younger children might spend hours playing Xbox games. Understanding the type of person who will be using a console is the best way to determine age-appropriateness. By reviewing the various games offered by each system, matching a player with a console will become easier.

Home Media Options

It is possible to turn a gaming console into a home media center (of sorts). Both Xbox and PS3 can play DVDs, music, and users can also view photos on these consoles. Wii does allow users to view photographs, though Wii is not set up to play DVDs or CDs. In addition, all three gaming systems allow users to connect to the Internet.

Wii offers an additional Internet connection option. Wii users can interact with other Wii users by sending a Mii (digital personification of a player) to other Wii consoles. This is a fun and innovative way to explore the virtual world through the Wii system.


The Wii is as user-friendly as gaming consoles come. Users can begin playing with a Wii immediately, and the Wii remote is simple to use for players of all ages. PS3 and Xbox are a bit more complex, though both systems will take users through a basic use instruction manual. All three consoles can be easily mastered after a few hours of gaming.

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